[Mammal Parachutists]

Bradley's Skydiving

I think many of us love skydiving in part because for a few
seconds we're literally and figuratively above the ugliness,
strife, discord, and horror of the world below.
                                -- Jacqueline Scoones

What kind of man would live a life without daring?  Is life
so sweet that we should criticize men that seek adventure?
Is there a better way to die?
                                -- Charles Lindbergh, August 26th, 1938
Eric Johnson got me out to Palatka Paracenter one day for a static line jump, and that's pretty much all it took. I got my USPA A license (16524) in July of 1993, C license (24273) in October 1994, and D license (17467) and Static Line Jumpmaster rating in June 1995. I'm a member of the UF Falling Gators.

I run the Skydive! WWW site.

Gear checks are important.

3-way over Willison, FL

My other skydiving qualifications include NCB #32 and SkyDog #220.


I have had no malfunctions but I have had a reserve ride.

Drop Zones

Here's a list of drop zones I visit. They are all within 2 hours by car (Florida!). There are others but I frequent these the most.