ATA membership is divided into the following classes:

Individual members

Age GroupPer Year FeeTwo Year FeeOne Time Fee
Adults (19 and over)$20.00$38.00
Junior (under 19)$12.00$22.00
Life Members (individual)$200.00

Direct Member Clubs

Composed of at least five (5) members organized into a club that has a club name, president, secretary and other officers deemed necessary for the club to function. Membership dues for the Direct Member Club is $50.00.

Local Tennis Associations

Composed of not less than five (5) Direct Member Clubs located entirely within a state. The Association must elect officers as a president, secretary and others as deemed necessary for the operation of the Association. Each club must be listed by name and pay $35.00 dues.

Sectional Tennis Associations

Composed of at least five (5) clubs in a Section (composed of more than one state) as stipulated in Article II of the bylaws of the constitution. A president, secretary and other officers must be elected to serve as officials to establish rules and regulations of the Association. Each club must pay $35.00 for membership dues.

Applications and forms for membership shall be in writing, on the official forms prescribed by the Board of Directors, or done with the on-line membership application.

American Tennis Association

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