Althea Gibson

"The first break for me came when the ATA took an interest in me. Through their tournament circuit and personal involvement, I gained championship status, and the opportunity to find myself. For their support throughout the years, I will always be greatful."

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1997 National Championships

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Althea Gibson Tribute

Since 1916, The American Tennis Association has provided tennis experiences on local, national and international levels for all players. Today, the main thrust of the ATA is to increase these efforts and create a positive image for its membership.

Learn all about the American Tennis Association (ATA) past present and future.

Review the laws and bylaws that govern the American Tennis Association (ATA).

Become a member of the oldest African-American sports organization in the Unites States, while promoting tennis development and junior development.

Get to know the people that make it all happen. The Executive Board biographies as well as list of the Board of Directors.

Interested in the schedule of Sanctioned ATA tournaments. You will find the entire calender year of tournaments to help you decide which to attend.

Find out what programs are available through the ATA that have given African-American tennis players support throughout the years.

"When I started playing in the early 50's, for many the ATA had the only game in town. Arthur AsheNames like Jimmy McDaniels, George Stewart, Ron Charity, and Althea Gibson were household names to us followers of the ATA circuit, but of course meant very little to anyone not intimately connected with our tournaments."

The American Tennis Association

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