The Platt Foundation

Founded in 1833 by Abraham Samuel Platt, the Platt Foundation was established to help underprivileged young men obtain an education in business, science, medicine or law. Abraham Platt was my great great great grandfather who made a fortune in real estate and stock market investing (some say he was ruthless and unethical). However he made his fortune, he put it to good use. The Platt Foundation has helped hundreds of men and women get a good education and according to the trustees, the foundation has paid out over $20,000,000 in tuition and related educational expenses since its inception. The foundation is located on the corner of Platt Street and William Street. Platt Street takes its name from Abraham Platt who owned most of the land up and down the street. Platt Street is a few blocks from Wall Street, where Abraham spent many hours trading stocks and bonds.