1998 CHAPTER CALENDAR                              
       Date        Speaker(s)                    Topic/Activity                 
    January 27     Steve Ware               Linux - Free, Open and Valuable     
                   UF - NERDC               Installation of Officers            
    February 25    Dave Pokorney            Internet2                           
                   UF - NERDC                                                   
    March 24       Cindy Richardson         Internet Security                   
    April 7                                 Tour: Gainesville Sun               
    April 28       Denise Bennett           Internet Search Techniques          
                   John Ashcraft                                                
                   UF Libraries                                                 
    May 26         Scott Bartholomew        LAN/WAN Design - What pieces        
                   Bill Dufresne               make up a network?               
                   Cisco Systems                                                
    June 2                                  Tour: U. S. Post Office             
                                                  General Mail Facility         
                                                  on S. W. 34th Street          
    June 23        George Arola             NT Experiences at GRU               
    July                                    On vacation                         
    August 8                                Family Picnic                       
                                            Keystone Heights Beach              
    September 22   John Davis               Video Server Technology             
                   Geoff Durrant            Officer Elections                   
                   Applied Digital                                              
    September 26                            Chapter Liaison attended AITP Annual
                                            Meeting in Winter Park, CO.         
    October 27     Robert Parker            DigiChat Hosting                    
                   Digi-Net Technologies                                        
    November 2                              Tour: Gainesville Regional Utilities
                                                  Murphree Water Treatment Plant
    November 7-8                            Three members attended Region 7     
                                            Leadership Workshop/Board Meeting   
                                            Myrtle Beach, SC                    
    November 17    Greg Hare                Document Management/Imaging         
                   Office Automation of                                         
    December 15    Dr. Wilse B. Webb        How Sleep Works and                 
                                               Sometimes It Doesn't             
                             Board Meetings                                     
                        First Tuesday of the month                              
                         All members are welcome