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Personnel Info

AFSCME/Board of Regents Collective Bargaining Agreement
USPS Classification Specifications/Pay Grades
SUS Employment Rules (PDF file, requires Acrobat)
University of Florida Rules
University Personnel Services
Administrator's Toolkit (including DDDs with Notices of Proposed Rulemaking)

NEW! UF Faculty and Staff Salaries, 05/04
UF USPS Salaries and Demographic Data, 6/01 (2MB Excel File)
All SUS Salaries, 11/00 (1.4MB Zipped Excel File)

Division of State Group Insurance
Division of Retirement
State of Florida Personnel/Human Resource Topics (including ADA, EEO, FMLA, FLSA)
Principles of Discipline and Grievance Resolution: Supervisors Manual (PDF file, requires Acrobat)

Chapter 447, Part II, Florida Statutes--Labor Organizations, Public Employees
Chapter 110, Florida Statutes--Public Officers, Employees, and Records
Chapter 120, Florida Statutes--Administrative Procedure Act
Florida Administrative Code
Chapter 119, Florida Statutes--Public Records
Florida Attorney General--Government-in-the-Sunshine Law Manual
Florida Statutes and Constitution