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In what can only be considered as a retaliation against labor and public employees for our incredible success in mobilizing the workers of Florida in the last election, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart has introduced legislation that will implement sweeping changes to the current public employee system in Florida. These proposed changes will eliminate vital protections for our hard-working and well-trained work force. The changes will also prove disastrous to the people of Florida by jeopardizing the services that our citizens depend on. Additionally, these changes go beyond "Union-Busting" and if successful could be "Union-Destroying." This legislation coincides with the Governorís "Service First" initiative announced last week. The Florida AFL-CIO urges all of our members to contact their legislators and tell them that you OPPOSE HB 369 and the Governorís "Service First" Initiative. The specific language for SB 466, a companion bill filed in the Senate by Senator Garcia, has not yet been released but we will get that information and pass it on to you as soon as possible. Let them know that we want to protect the rights of our state workers and maintain the integrity of our state services and programs.

Anti-Worker and Service components of House Bill 369 Ė by Rep. Diaz-Balart

While amendments to the original legislation have been made, the above anti-worker/anti-service/anti-union provisions are still in the legislation.

This disastrous legislation has passed its only committee. Action must be taken now to prevent this attack on Florida's workers and services.

The last stop for this legislation before reaching the House Floor is:

Council for Smarter Government

Gaston Cantens (R-114), Chair 850-488-2831 cantens.gaston@leg.state.fl.us

Ken Gottlieb (D-101), V. Chair 850-488-0145 gottlieb.ken@leg.state.fl.us

Gustavo Barreiro (R-107) 850-488-9930 barriero.gustavo@leg.state.fl.us

Fred Brummer (R-38) 850-488-2023 brummer.fred@leg.state.fl.us

Larry Crow (R-49) 850-488-9240 crow.larry@leg.state.fl.us

Mario Diaz-Balart (R-112) 850-488-7897 diaz-balart.mario@leg.state.fl.us

Hank Harper (D-84) 850-488-8632 harper.james@leg.state.fl.us

Bruce Kyle (R-73) 850-488-1541 kyle.bruce@leg.state.fl.us

Richard Machek (D-78) 850-488-5588 machek.richard@leg.state.fl.us

Jerry Melvin (R-4) 850-488-1170 melvin.jerry@leg.state.fl.us

Stacy Ritter (D-96) 850-488-2124 ritter.stacy@leg.state.fl.us

Ken Sorenson (R-120) 850-488-9965 sorensen.ken@leg.state.fl.us

We urge you to call these Council members and ask them to vote against HB 369 when it is placed on their agenda.

Continue to call your district Representatives and express your opposition to this bill.