Gov. Jeb Bush's Attack on State Workers

Gov. Bush and the Legislature plan to:

AFSCME: Working Together. Fighting Back!

House Bill 369/Senate 466

AFL-CIO 3/7 Legislative Alert on House Bill 369
AFSCME Summary of House Bill 369
Florida Legislature--Online Sunshine: House Bill 369
Florida Legislature--Online Sunshine: Senate 466
Legislative Staff Analysis (Fiscal Impact on Courts, Constitutionality) (PDF file, requires Acrobat)
Tallahassee Democrat: Government is a bargain for taxpayers

State University System Reorganization

Senate 2108: Education Governance Reorganization
St. Petersburg Times: The university system on the edge
Education Governance Reorganization Transition Task Force

What You Can Do

Contact your legislators.

Let your friends, family, and neighbors know that Florida state government is a bargain, and that the Legislative staff analysis says HB 369 will cost the state millions of dollars, will overburden the courts, will decrease the quantity and quality of essential services, and may violate the U.S. and Florida constitutions. Ask them to contact their legislators.

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