In what can only be considered as a retaliation against labor and the public employees for their incredible success in mobilizing the workers of Florida in the last election Rep

Florida AFL-CIO United Labor Lobby

Legislative alert!

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We previously asked you to contact your legislators voicing opposition to HB 369 by Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart. This very bad legislation would eliminate vital protections for our public employees in Florida. (See Alert sent 3/7/01 - copy attached to this communication.)

You responded, and as a result, on Tuesday, the House Council for Smarter Government voted against the bill 7-4. However, they then passed a motion to reconsider and leave pending.

Late yesterday afternoon, we found out that the bill is now scheduled to be heard Monday, March 19, at 12:30 p.m.

Action Needed

Contact the following Representatives and express your thanks for their "no" vote and urge them oppose the bill again tomorrow:

Gustavo Barreiro (R-107) 850-488-9930

Ken Sorenson (R-120) 850-488-9965

Ken Gottlieb (D-101), V. Ch. 850-488-0145

Hank Harper (D-84) 850-488-8632

Richard Machek (D-78) 850-488-5588

Stacy Ritter (D-96) 850-488-2124

Contact these Representatives and ask them to reconsider their Tuesday vote and vote "No":

Gaston Cantens (R-114), Ch. 850-488-2831

Fred Brummer (R-38) 850-488-2023

Larry Crow (R-49) 850-488-9240

Mario Diaz-Balart (R-112) 850-488-7897

Bruce Kyle (R-73) 850-488-1541

Jerry Melvin (R-4) 850-488-1170

We must do everything possible to defeat this legislation!