New Orleans 1996

Beth, Mike, Michelle, Sabrina, Jo (she owns the B+B), Chriss and Cheryl in front of The Garden District Bed and Breakfast

Rachael, her husband Will, Chriss and me in the French Quarter

Anne Rice's house, decorated for the season - two of her cool dogs (the German shepherd likes to play fetch with a ratty tennis ball)

Ritchie Champagne head of the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club and all around nice guy. - A great looking couple.

Jana Marcus taking pics for her book "In the Shadow of the Vampire - Reflections from the World of Anne Rice"

This couple wore the exact same costume the next year. Great though it is, you can't wear something this distinctive again and again without people noticing.

Anne at the Ball, held at the Fairmont Hotel.

Two completely opposite looking couples! -- Sabrina, Me, William and Chris at the Fairmont.

An incredibly pregnant Sabrina and a very amusing "Hellvis"

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