New Orleans 1993

Chriss, Mike, Brooke, and Meredith on the steps of the Garden District B&B---Me and Mike at Lafayette Cemetery----Chriss entombed,

Me in from of St. Louis Cathedral ---- Marie Laveau's supposed tomb at St. Louis Cemetery #3.

Oak Alley Plantation - this is where they filmed part of "Interview with the Vampire". Oak Alley was Louis' plantation in the film.

The graveyard set from "Interview with the Vampire". This is where Lestat embraces Louis. We got there right after they had finished filming. That's me in from of the Angel statue.

Announcing the Ball

Beth on the set ---- Sabrina and Beth dandied up. ---Sandy, Brooke, Felicia Meredith, Mike, Me, Beth and Sabrina at the Ball.

Scenes from the Ball. This was the one year Anne did NOT attend. She was on a book signing tour, but I think the real reason was 'cause they were filming "IWTV" in town, and she wanted to avoid Tom Cruise and the whole filming thing at the time.

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