When most people hear of Christian music they think of Gospel or of hymns. Well there's a lot of other styles out there of Christian music. Note: Some of these bands have Christian members and lyrics, other have Christian members, there's a difference!




One of the leading Christian punk rock groups. These guys rock with festive tunes most can enjoy.



DC Talk-

Almost everyone has heard of these guys. Such songs as "Jesus Freak" (ehem hence the title) "Consume Me" and "Supernatural" have made these guys famous. They have a mix of hard and soft rock.


Jars of Clay -

The first Christian music I was exposed to written for younger people. They have excellent music with soft rock.


Hard Core

Jeremiah's Grotto -

Don't blow your ears out listening to this stuff! Their gettin' famous. Not too long go they had a national tour. Maybe you've heard of them, maybe not... Jeremiah's Grotto.


Divine Child-

These guys are based out of Lakeland, Florida. It's fast, it's hard, it's Divine Child.