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The Black Eggs
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Come Forth, o little Black Eggs

and move from the shallows and venture fourth into the deep . . .

Zis Musik NOT For F*cking Square!

You messa-wit da Eggs, you get egg on you face!
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Alas, the Black Eggs have cracked up. Tom moved to South Florida and Ted, Sean and Scott are still in Gainesville. Ted came down to Miami in early June 2001 to play guest ghost guitar with Tom's act with Bobby Load (The Monthlies), and Tom is now involved with a blockbuster new act, THE CREEPY T'S. So surf on over to the T's and get hip to their savage sounds! For you archivists, here's the Black Eggs page as it was..... 

Skillet-beatin', crust-raisin', Egg-fryin' ROCK AND ROLL. What better words to describe these little Black Eggs. No pretensions, no cheap gimmicks, just bone-shaking, shell-breaking in-your-face rock and roll. Their lyrics provoke you and stimulate long-forgotten memories of Waffle Houses and getting beat to a pulp by school bullies. We are hatched. It is time to stand up and be counted.

The Black Eggs are more than just a band. They are a philosophy. Just as early religions were man's first intellectual stabs at seeking eternal truths, the Black Eggs respresent a newfound consciousness of the mind, a consciousness of things and senses and shapes. The Black Eggs recognize that having a good time boils down to looking sharp, shaggin' the birds, and ROCK AND ROLL. We invite you to come and be a part of the immediate gratification, the blood rush, the all-enveloping hot friction and sizzling passion of the Black Eggs.

The Eggs are not just a "Gainesville band." This is their philosophy...the Black Eggs are lovers, not fighters, but will hold their ground if challenged. Rock over London, rock on Chicago.

-Tom Walls, one of the four spokesmen of the Black Eggs

Black Eggs keep on rollin'!!!!!!

Out of the frying pan and into the fi-yah! The Black Eggs were hatched in the Fall of 1998. The name is derived from the song "Little Black Egg," a hit for Daytona Beach's Nightcrawlers that was popular with garage bands of the day. The members of the Black Eggs draw upon experience in other Gainesville bands, like the Jeffersons, the Vibe Merchants, Hey! Sasquatch, the Claude Pepper Blues Explosion and the Dedicated Followers of Fashion.

We just did our first gig at a house party in the Student Ghetto! Now that we got a crappy little mixer, we hope to put up some sound clips soon. Our demos from the eggshell should be available soon. In the meantime, dig these groovy sounds on the net:

WFMU is independent freeform radio broadcasting at 91.1 FM stereo in the New York City area & at 90.1 FM in the Hudson Valley and northern Pennsylvania. They play tons of garage, punk, surf jungle exotica and lots more of incredibly strange music. Get yer free copy of the Real Audio Player and tune in WFMU live and for free! Recommended: Bill Kelly's Teenage Wasteland on Sunday afternoons, the Subgenius Hour of Slack with Rev. Ivan Stang on Monday nights and Dave the Spazz on Thursday nights.

Black Eggs In Concert

We done played Mike and Bob's house on 5th Ave & 17th in the Student Ghetto May 22 with some other clowns. Check back for future show details!

Friday, June 25 Erin & Karma's house party - 2513 NW 6th St. across from IBEW, where you can park. It's Karma's 23rd! So bring a present! BYOB!

Black Eggs Ready to Play Out!

The Black Eggs are finally ready to play some goddamned party, a wedding, club gig or bat mitzvah! Call us for info! Call any vegetable!


Black Eggs working on a rocking demo!!!!!

The band practices at a secret trailer on the southeastern outskirts of Gainesville. Entry is gained by a road lined by a dilapidated fence similar to the one leading to the Batcave! We don't get many complaints, except for the occasional load of No. 10 birdshot that peppers the outside of the trailer. Well, Scott's stereo doesn't record externally. The boom box didn't work either. Sir Ted recently brought an ancient elementary school reel to reel player to practice with some 25 year old tape reels. It didn't work, but it did play the old Roy Orbison reel. I attempted resurrecting a crusty boom box from the trunk of my car, only to record a few fleeting seconds of us trying to figure out the Pandoras' "In and Out." After our little hiatus in February and March we finally got some practice tapes for anyone that wants to hear us; we should prob'ly edit out the between-song banter, gossip and putdowns first.

Hot news!!

The Black Eggs just acquired a grooovy Farfisa VIP 233 and a swingin' Vox Continental organ! Watch as Tom mangles the chords on previously recognizable songs! That's what piano lessons in Catholic school will do to ya.

Sing along with the Black Eggs!

Til the End of the Day (Kinks)
Roadrunner / I'm Straight (Modern Lovers)
Lonely Boy (Sex Pistols)
Give Me Slack Or Kill Me (Walls)
The McLaughlin Group Song (Walls)
Coca Leaf Song (Walls)
Ted's 2 rockin' songs, the names of which elude us (Saint Ted)
I Wonder Who She's Doing Tonight (Boyce & Hart)
Breaking The Law (yes, the Judas Priest song)
In And Out of My Life (Pandoras)
Little Black Egg (Nightcrawlers / Pagans)
That's When I Reach For My Revolver (Mission of Burma)
Just Like Me (Paul Revere and the Raiders)
Slow Death / Shake Some Action (Flamin' Groovies)

And maybe, just maybe:
American Beat (Fleshtones)

The Eggs:

Another look at the Black Eggs


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Send all hate mail, drugs and orders to:
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Hallandale Beach, Fla. 33008

Legal representation by Cockman and Dickman, attorneys at law.

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