Links related to speed humps and other means of traffic "calming".

Links to sites that favor speed humps and other traffic control devices: - This link describes how some residents of SW 7th Ave like their new speed humps in Gainesville.  (On a personal note, I've spoken with some former officers of the Duckpond Association.  They were not in favor of the speed humps, nor were most of their neighbors).  In the Duckpond case, the City did not ask for a property owner's vote before putting in the humps.  The resulting fight over the humps prompted the City to require property owners to approve the humps. - Article from the USA today about the sucsessful new speed humps in Sarasota. - This is a major portion of a web site dedicated to traffic calming techniques, including speed humps.

Links to sites that oppose speed humps and other traffic control devices: - Summary of problems associated with traffic calming devices in the United States.  Notes that the speed humps in Sarasota are now being removed by judge's order.  - Interesting and somwhat scary article from the LA times about the battle between communities and their emergency services. - This link, excerpted from the Colorado Daily, describes some of the emergency department problems with speed bumps and humps. - This article describes the economic incentives that cities have for increasing traffic congestion.  Interestingly, the article specifically singles out problems in Portland, Oregon, one of the cities most cited by our City Coucil and Planning Department as a model for Gainesville. - Discusses the possible hazzards from delaying emergency vehicles' response time in Boulder, Colorado.  Much of the data would have to be scaled back because we live so close to our fire station, but it made me wonder about adding 30 or more seconds to the response time if I or someone I know was in cardiac arrest or other life threatening emergency. - An opinion from Editorial writer Mary Ann Lindley of the Tallahassee Democrat. - A rather lively debate is raging in Houston, TX.  The bottom line is that the city is making many more streets ineligable to receive speed humps.  - This article, from the Portland News in Maine, describes how the EPA has cut off Federal funding for traffic calming after monitored vehicle emissions tests resulted in a 50% increase in vehicle emissions.  Tha article also notes that accident rates along the street with humps have actually increased. - This article, from Europe where traffic calming started, describes the enormous increases in pollution caused by traffic calming devices.