Speed humps appear to be a very polarizing issue.  It seems that most people either love 'em or they really hate 'em.  So far, I've not had any comments in the middle.  I'd like to caution everyone that this issue should have us at each other's throats.  I think we'd all agree that we want cars to travel at the speed limit in our neighborhood.   It's really just an issue of  how to best accomplish that goal.  So, if you're angry that I'm opposed to speed humps or if you're mad at your next door neighbor for favoring them, let's all remember that people of good conscience may see issues differently and disagree.  Let's respect one another, please.

Comments in favor of speed humps will be in dark red.  Those opposed in green.

No Name Left -  was in favor of the speed humps.

Byron Wise of SW 5th - opposed to them.

Bob McKey - Very well articulated opinion favoring humps.

No Name left - says one advantage of adding humps to 38th is that there will be no incentive to avoid SW 2nd Place anymore.  ( I think this was meant as negative)

Claudia Munnis Writes - I think SW 2nd Place is a pretty offensive looking sight with all the signs, bumps, and stipes - I call it Traffic School Road!  I don't mind the speed bumps - they're kind of fun, like ridding the ferris wheel.  The little bumps and stop sign at the corner are overkill.  I'm assuming the residents on that street wanted all of this installed.  They're the ones that have to live on that street - if they like it, so be it.  If it saves one child's life, it's worth it.  HOWEVER, couldn't we have a more asthetically pleasing way of accomplishing this mission in the rest of the neighborhood?  I think you've begun a good dialogue.  I love having the opportunity to express how ugly I think these traffic control devices are.  Thanks.