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Larkin Reynolds

Several sources indicate that the father of this Larkin Reynolds was Larkin Reynolds (Sr) rather than his brother Benjamin.  No one is sure which was his father and some sources indicate that both Larkin (Sr) and Benjamin had sons named Larkin.  In Larkin Reynolds(Sr)'s estate settlement children Benjamin, Bevin, Nancy, Caswell, Mahaly, and John Vincent are named but not Larkin who would have been about 2 at the time of Larkin (Sr)'s death.  Some researcher believe that Larkins brother Benjamin adopted or took in the young Larkin and raised him as his own. Larkin is named in Benjamin's will in 1816.

Land Grant to Larkin Reynolds of 974 acrea dated 12 November 1846. Situated in Abbefield District, SC on Reedy Branch waters of Long Cane of a brance of Beaver Dam Waters.

Index from 1860 Abbeville Co., SC slave schedule/ x-ref to census

Bennett Reynolds, farmer, slave sch pg#92, 8slave houses, 34 slaves, 15 males, 19 females, census pg#102, Census family #137, age 57, personal estate value in $1000s - 29 ($29,000)

Larkin Reynolds, farmer, slave sch pg #79, 11 slave houses, 80 slaves, 40 males, 40 females, census pg #94, census family #673, age 53, personal estate value in $1000s - 70.8 ($70,800)

1840 Abbeville, SC Census
Larking Reynolds 110011   110001

1850 Abbeville, SC Census   7th of November, 1850  (Ancestry.com image #228)
1764 Larkin Reynolds       43  Farmer   SC   20000   married within the year
        Agnes                        47                        12000
        Mary A. S.                  13
        Benjamin L.               12
        John S.                        9
        Sarah A                        7
        John Griffin                 19 Student
        James                         14
        Vincent                        13
        George                         8
        Thomas                        7
        William Bullock           32  Manager

H. T. Peterson

According to marriage records from probate and other records in SC:
Larkin Reynolds married second Mary D. Patterson, widow of Robert S. Patterson who died in 1833.