Wing Chun Gung Fu Curriculum

This unique system of close range combat represents the apex of Sil Lum Gung Fu and the lethal techniques of the systems advanced stages are considered second to none. Wing Chun Gung Fu consists of Three Hand Forms, One Wooden Dummy Set and Two Weapons Forms:
  • Small Idea Form (Siu Lim Tau)
  • Searching For the Bridge Form (Chum Kiu)
  • Shooting Fingers Form (Bue Jee)
  • 108 Wooden Man Techniques (Mok Yan Jong)
  • 6 1/2 Point Pole Form (Lok Dim Boon Gaun)
  • 8 Slash Swords Form (Bot Jaam Do)
    • Wong Shun Lueng Version
    • Ho Kam Ming Version

"This Wing Chun is traditionally taught and is genuine."

Sil Lum Gung Fu Curriculum

The forms taught are traditional Sil Lum Black Tiger Hung Gar and Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut hand sets and are here arranged by level of difficulty. These forms presented are drawn upon as an extra curricular or alternative training program and are utilized to enhance and individualize the students training. We believe in preserving the old Sil Lum Tradition, a heritage which is the root of all martial arts as taught throughout China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and all reaches of the civilized world. Our Sil Lum Gung Fu curriculum consists of over a dozen traditional hand and weapons forms.

The most important being:
  • Arrow hand form (Jeen Sau Kuen)
  • Small continuous punching form (Siu Lin Wan Kuen)
  • Plum flower form (Moy Fa Kuen)
  • Lau Family Form (Lau Gar Kuen)
  • Buddhist monk form (Law Horn Kuen)
  • Hung Gar and Choy Lay Fut combined form (Hung Tao Choy Mae)
  • Slapping Leg form (Pek Lek Gurk)
  • Small Plum Flower form (Choy Lee Fut Siu Moy Fa Kuen)
  • Taming the Tiger form (Gung Jee Fook Fu Kuen)
  • Tiger-crane form (Fu Hok Suerng Ying Kuen)
  • Tiger-crane two man sparring form (Fu Kok Sueng Ying Kuen Doy Da)
  • Five animals form (um ying kuen)

Sil Lum Sutra: "We of Tiger-Crane do not block we strike."

Sil Lum Wing Chun Kuen Ranking System