General Writing




General Resources 

Forward Motion 
Holly Lisle's writing page. A lot of good information from the author of Devil's Sympathy, among others. Both her own comments on writing plus links to other sites. 

For Writers Only 
A really massive collection of resources for writers of all types. Sometimes takes a long time to load, but that kind of goes with the territory for the amount of information they have. 

An excellent site, and they provide a free e-mail newsletter to keep you up to date with what's going on there. 

Writing On The Web 
Another good site. Mostly links but some unusual ones, including the Surrealism Page. 

SF/Fantasy Writing 


Writers Guild of America, West 
Lots of links and resources for aspiring screenwriters, both film, TV and Interactive (CDROM). Also information on registering your script with the WGA. While registering doesn't preclude someone claiming you stole their idea, it does establish a date of completion. 

Screenwriters/Playwrights Page 
Good page by Charles Deemer, who also teaches several on-line courses based at this site. 

Screenwriters Utopia 
Another screenwriters site with good information and the opportunity to take online courses. 

Miscellaneous Links 

Collaborative fiction is nothing new, but the twist here is you stand an actual chance of getting paid for it. If you're into writing in their four genre - Suspense, Romance, Mystery or Short Story - drop in, You can submit the next chapter of a novel. If your chapter is selected, and the completed book is eventually published, you will earn a share of any royalties.