Works In Progress

Renny. A short story about a young member of the worker caste on a planet long separated from its Earth origins who tries to sneak aboard a shuttle in hopes of hopping a starship to a better life on another world. It's been through the the Critters Workshop and is now on its way to its first submission, Asimov's Science Fiction.

Seeking Silence. About a telepath in present day Miami. She needs help shutting out the minds of the people around her. A mysterious man offers her help, but is it the help she really needed or wanted. Out for critiques in Critters.

Pieces of Eight. (working title) I'm not even sure of the length of this one. I just know it takes place on a water world and involves a society that lives on the bottom of the oceans and uses submarines for everything, transport, warfare, etc. 

Colony. (working title) Trilogy about a colony ship en route to a new home for humanity. 

The Landing  A SF screenplay about an alien who comes to Earth to recover a ship abandoned thousands of years ago and the Earth man who helps him. Completed.