O.K., Just a little bit about me.  

First, what I look like, in case you care: 
my picture
I am, of all things, a native Floridian. It's amazing how many people are surprised by that fact. Not only am I a native but I was born in Miami, in Jackson Memorial Hospital April 25, 1957. As it turns out the guy who ended up being one of my best friends was born in the same hospital two days after me, yet we didn't meet and become friends until high school.  

I grew up in Miami, graduated from Palmetto High School and then came to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida. Here I met Toby, with whom I've shared a wonderful life for the past 17 years. We have two kids, Scott (15) and Caitlin (6).  
the kdis
The Kids
After we graduated (both from UF) we decided to move back to Miami in 1983. Then in 1992 came Hurricane Andrew. We were in South Dade and our house was pretty much trashed. We were doing OK until the hurricane shutters were ripped off and the storm got inside. Anyway, to make a long story short, we rebuilt and moved back into the house in 1993, just in time for Caitlin's first birthday. In late 1995, we decided we'd had enough of the traffic and crime and moved back to Gainesville.  

I work for UF in the News and Public Affairs Department. I am Editor of University Digest, the official publication of the university. I also write for the alumni magazine and write press releases.  

In the course of my life I have:  

  • Managed an Eckerd Drugs
  • Taught Middle School Science
  • Been a graphic artist
  • Worked at a Radio Shack
  • Was a Publications Manager for a computer software firm
  • Wrote proposals for an engineering firm
  • Was a reporter for several newspapers
  • Was an editor of a shipping magazine
I'll stop before I write the full autobiography. Info on what I'm working on can be found in the Works In Progress section.