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Whammy Listing!

Stop at a Whammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (buzz!)

This is a listing of all (well, all that I know :)) the whammies that appeared on PYL.  Once again, this is NOT in competition w/ Brad Francini's listing of whammies.  I don't want to get e-mail telling me that something like this is already up on his website; this is different :).

I can provide most of these whammies as WAV files.  If you're interested, e-mail me. Whammies with WAVs available for download are shown as links.

Note:  The WHAMMY is a registered trademark of the Carrtuhers Company.  No copyright infringement or challenge of authority is intended.

#1-Whammy with TNT

This could've been the most used whammy in the history of the show.  Appearing in 1983, this whammy had a plunger with some dynamite attatched to it.  He appeared saynig "Hee hee hee... This oughta do it...".  He then presses down on the plunger blowing himself up in the process.

#2-Whammy fortune teller

Appearing in late 84??  This whammy had a crystal ball with a Ghostbusters style NO $ symbol inside it.  The whammy then said "It's coming to me now, I see financial disaster in your future".

#3-Whammy as Michael Jackson

This whammy appeared in 1984 and was used very often once it appeared.  Rock music would start playing and a Whammy with a Michael Jackson haircut and a white glove came dancing out. After dancing for about 5 seconds, he did a 360 and his eyes became stars...  Hmm.

#4-Whammy Pilot

This whammy was flying a bi-plane and appears making a dive-bomb towards the ground.  He laughs, which is pretty dumb, because 3 seconds later he crashes into the ground with a puff of smoke appearing at the plane's tail.  This whammy can be seen on the Dave outtakes at the beginning of most older PYL shows where Peter tells him to "Duck... Better duck Dave." Appeared in '83.

#5-Whammy Optometrist

This whammy appeared in '86.  It featured a whammy with an eye chart which read U- L O S E - $ $ on 3 lines.  The whammy asked "Can you read this?  You L-O-S-E.....hahahahahaha."  The eye chart then rolled up like one of those film screens on the wall and caught the whammy.

#6-Whammies on a picnic

I now have this on tape!  It features Whammy and Tammy sitting on a white & green checkered blanket.  Whammy then says "Isn't this romantic?  A lovely day, a beautiful girl, and..."  Both then shout out "Fang" and begin to cry.  Fang comes out and ruins picnic.  Appeared in middle of 84.

#7-Whammies as country singers

Whammy and Tammy appear as if they were on "Hee-Haw" or something like that.  Whammy plays the guitar while Tammy, I guess dressed like Tammy Wynette, sings "It's good to have your money back again".  Whammy then says "Ladies and Gentlemen, Tammy Whammette!"  A pie then comes and hits Whammy from either backstage or the audience.  Could be the most liked whammy on the show.  Jody from the Michael/Jody/Jennie episode remarked "That's my favorite one.";  even though she lost $6,250 due to it and picked up her 3rd whammy..  Hmm.

#8-Whammy Umpire

Strictly used when a contestant "Whammied-Out" with 4 whammies.  The quickest whammy on the whole show.  Whammy appeared in an umpire's uniform looking an off-screen baseball play, and a sound of a baseball being caught is played.  Whammy then looks at the TV screen and says "You're Out!"

#9-Whammies and a mouse? in a barbershop quartet

Also used strictly when a contestant "Whammied-Out".  3 Whammies and a mouse? (could've been an attempt to put Fang in) appear. Four notes in a chord are sung, one at a time.  One whammy sings "You're out".  The next one then jumps in "You're out", and so on.  All then scream out "You're out".

#10-Whammy on a cruise ship

The only other whammy strictly used for a contestant who "Whammied-Out".  The whammy appears on a cruise ship which sails across the screen.  The whammy is waving a handkerchif sayng "Hasta Luego...Arrivederci (spelling?).......Bon Voyage....  That means goodbye! hahahahaha".

#11-Whammy (or Tammy) as Cyndi Lauper

A whammy came out with multi-colored hair and very colorful clothing impersonating Cyndi Lauper.  She then danced across the screen singing "I want money, I want money, I want money......... CASH!!!!!  (shouts)"

#12-Whammy with an American X-Cess Card

This whammy could have been impersonating Karl Mulden, as Todd Hunter pointed out.  It was taken from an old American Express commercial, which featured a man asking "Do you know me?" while flashing his American Express card.  A whammy appeared on the screen asking the viewers "Hello, do you know me?"  while flashing his American X-Cess card.  The word "WHAMMY" then was printed on his card and a cash register bell sounds.  That's all.

#13-Whammy as Elvis Presley

A whammy featuring a guitar and an Elvis hairdo came dancing to the middle of the screen while singing "Whoa, baby, whoa baby, whoa baby" and began to swing his legs once in the middle.  A crack was then heard, and the whammy has to limp off the screen saying "Oh no, oh boy".

#14-Whammy as Basketball Player

This whammy dribbled a basket ball across the screen saying "Look out Bird, look out Kareem, look out Magic, hehehe!"  Glass is then heard breaking.

#15-Whammy Bowler

This whammy came out with a bowling ball saying "I'm bowling for bucks, and it's a strike!"-He then rolls the ball.  A giant bowling ball then comes from behind hm and rolls him over.  The whammy then says "Ahh, gee"

#16-Whammies in vocalist group

I don't know if this was supposed to impersonate anyone, but 4 whammies, each with a different hairdo, came out in purple suits singing "Oooooooooo........Waaaaaaaaaahhh!.........ooooooo" On the last "Ooo", all 4 put up their arms and smiled.  I don't understand it.

#17-Whammy as Tina Turner

This whammy came out with a Tina Turner hairdo and sang "Ahhhhhhhh.....I got money...  It's everything....ahhhhhhh...ahh ah ah ah"  Hmm.

#18-Whammy as Paul Revere

The whammy came out riding Fang shouting "One if by check, two if by cash, the whammies are coming to steal your stash! hahahaha."

#19-Whammy on a One Whammy Bill

A whammy came out pictured on a one whammy dollar bill.  A cash register bell rang while the bill moved across the screen.  Once it got to the middle of the screen, the whammy said "Hehehe..I cannot tell a lie, you lose!"

#20-Olympic Torch Whammy

This whammy was ONLY used during the summer '84 epsiodes.  The whammy came running across the screen with the olympic torch.  When he got near the right side of the screen, a bucket of water was tossed on him which extinguished the flame on the torch.  The whammy then asked "Anybody got a match?".

#21-Whammy on Pogo Stick

This was the first whammy ever featured.  It had a whammy appear jumping around the screen on a pogo stick going "hehehehehehehehehehe".  The whammy then disappeared in a cloud of smoke which said "Wham".

#22-Whammy with Hammer

Looking like the whammy that appeared in square #3 in round 2, the whammy appeared at the left side of the screen, jumped for a few seconds while laughing, and then produced a hammer and began to "hammer out" the contestant's money.

#23-Whammy on Bicycle

This whammy rode across the screen on his bike saying "Look, Ma!  No hands and no bucks! Whoa!!!!!"  Then crashed into something off the screen.

#24-Whammy flying a kite

A whammy appeared flying a kite with a cloud in the sky and a tree nearby.  The whammy said "The chances of you winning this game are about as good as my chances to get hit by light........."  Lightning then struck the kite from the cloud, which electrocuted the whammy who screamed "Owwww!"  Peter sometimes remarked "Evidently, there's a good chance"

#25-Whammy with runaway Fang

A cat suddenly shot across the screen going "Meow, meow, meow!"  Fang then chased after it, pulling the whammy who tried to keep Fang on the leash.  The whammy then screamed out "Hold it, Fang, hold it!  Don't forget the money!"  Fang then growled.

#26-Whammies water skiing

A motorboat engine was heard in the background.  A motorboat driven by Tammy then slowly made its way across the screen.  Whammy, who was being pulled by the boat, yelled out, "Hit it, Tammy!  I 'm up!  I'm up!  I'm up!!!"  A shark then popped up from the water and swallowed the whammies in one gulp.

#27-Whammy as Boy George

This whammy could've been the trademark whammy for PYL.  It appeared wearing pink clothes with $ signs on it and a pink hat singing "Who would ever hurt a whammy???  Who would ever want......"  A hammer then came from off the screen and smacked the whammy on the head sending him to the ground flattened.

#28-Pilgrim Whammy

From what I remember, this was only used during the Thanksgiving episodes of PYL.  It appeared with a musket and a Pilgrim hat and had a turkey which made gobbling sounds. Wasn't used very often.

#29-Whammies as the Beatles

A band of 4 whammies impersonating the Beatles showed up on the screen.  They sang "Oooohhh.  I love to take it back from you!"  Crowd cheers then came from the background, then all 4 whammies bowed their heads toward their off-screen audience.

#30-Whammy as Liberace

A whammy appeared playing a grand piano.  A chandelier was positioned over the whammies head, which made it obvious what would happen.  The whammy played some fast piano music, and after a few seconds, the chandelier came crashing onto the whammy's head, and some piano-banging sounds came from the piano.

#31-Whammy as Sherlock Holmes

A whammy in a trench-coat with a magnifying glass appeared with Fang.  They walked across the screen, while a clock chimed in the background.  The whammy said "Elementary my dear Fang, it was greed that got him".  Fang sniffed the ground for clues while they walked across.

#32-Whammy as football player

With a crowd cheering, awhammy in a football uniform ran across the screen yelling "I'm open!  I'm open!  Throw me the bomb!  Throw me the....."  A bomb then was thrown to the whammy and it exploded.  The whammy then said "Oh no..."

#33-Whammy breakdancing

A whammy suddenly appeared on the screen with a radio.  The whammy breakdanced to the music.  He did a series of backspins on the ground, which eventually caused him to spin off the screen and crash into something.  A mid-80s fad........ :)

#34-Whammy baseball player

A whammy appeared with a baseball uniform and bat.  He then called out to an off-screen pitcher "Give me everything you've got, I'll knock it out of the park."  A baseball then shot across the screen and hit the whammy, sending him flying off the screen yelling "Oohh".  A longer, but less frequent version had the whammy come in saying "Give me a fastball, give me a screwball, give me anything you've got, I'll knock it out of the park!"

#35-Whammy riding bulldozer

The last whammy in the Larson ep; also one of the first whammies to be used.  A whammy rode across the screen on a bulldozer going "Hahahaha".  Tires screeched and he crashed into something off the screen.

#36-Whammy in Canoe

A river appeared across the bottom of the screen, and a whammy in a canoe began to go across the screen saying "Money, money, aye aye aye aye!  Money, money....."  The canoe then sprang a leak and the whammy said "Oh no..." as the canoe sank.

#37-Whammy as supremes

3 whammies appeared in pink-sequin dresses and Supremes hairdos singing "All I need is cash, give me all your money!"  The backup singers then echoed "Give back the money!"  The lead singer then sang "I said give me all your money", alternating back and forth.

#38-Whammy on roller skates

A whammy slid across the screen on roller skates trying to stop with his whells screeching saying "Look out, look out!"  He then fell down on his back and slid off the screen.

#39-Whammy hitting snowman

A snowman appeared on the screen, and a whammy skiing through the air (must have just come off of a ski-jump) looks at the tv screen and hits the snowman.  He then makes grumbling noises.

#40-Whammy on Jaws

A whammy with a scuba-mask rode by on a shark and laughed while the Jaws theme played.  (Also could be classified as the Gator chomp :))

#41-Whammy on Skateboard

This whammy rolled across the screen on a skateboard and ran right into a tree.   He then said "Oh..........................." while the birdie sounds chirped.

#42-Whammy New Year's Babies

Appeared during the New Year's episodes.  A whammy baby appeared with a 1984 or 1985 sash depending on the year and a noisemaker, which he played 3 times.

#43-Whammy with New Year's Champagne Bottle

A whammy with a bottle of champagne appeared.  The whammy held the bottle horizontally and struggled to open the cork.  When he did, the force blew him to the right off the screen.

#44-Whammy as Window Washer

A whammy came down the screen on a window-washer lift and stopped at the contestant's total.  The whammy then moved across the total and scrubbed it to $0.  He hummed to himself going "dee dee de dee" while doing this and after he finished, he yells "Ok, take it away!"  the lift then goes up off the screen, and crashes into something off the screen.  The whammy then says "Aw, gee!"

#45-Whammy in a director's chair

A whammy appeared dressed as a Hollywood star seated in a director's chair.  He was turned toward the TV screen, and he said "Now that I'm a star, I need make-up!"  He then yelled out "Make-up!!!!!!!".  A cosmetic pancake then flew across the screen and hit the whammy in the face.

#46-Whammy Photographer

A whammy with an old-fashioned camera appeared under a blanket attached to the camera and holding the flash powder.  The whammy told the contestant, "I want to get a picture of you losing your money....  Say "Cheese"!"  The whammy then snapped that picture and a gigantic flash from the flash powder made the whammy disoriented and made him see stars.

#47-Whammy with Snowblower

This whammy ran across the screen with a hand-driven snowblower, laughing at the contestant. After about halfway across the screen, the whammy trips and falls, and a pile of snow falls from the sky onto the whammy.

#48-Whammy with Lawn Mower

A whammy walked across the screen with a hand-driven lawnmower and laughed as he mowed the contestant's total down to $0.  One of the first whammies.

#49-Whammy in UFO

A whammy flew down in a UFO and hovered over the contestant's total.  After a few seconds, the whammy gets electrocuted from something and flies up off the screen.

#50-Whammy with Electric Guitar

This whammy appeared dressed as a rock star and played an electric guitar and appeared to be yelling, but no voice was heard from him.  After playing for a while, the whammy gets electrocuted.

#51-Whammy in Car with Firecracker

I only have one episode that features this one.  A whammy in what looks like a bumper car drives into the center of the screen while circus music plays in the background.  The whammy then places a firecracker on the ground and says "Fire in the hole!".  His car then stalls, and will not restart.  The firecracker explodes with the word "BLAMMO!" appearing in the explosion. One of the last whammies and not used very often.

#52-Jumping Whammy

One of the shortest whammies in terms of duration.  A whammy appeared in a puff of smoke, and just jumped for a few seconds while laughing.   Pretty dumb...

#53-Whammy exercise instructor

Tammy Whammette appeared in a leotard and with a bad hairdo.  She called out "Alright, girls!  I wanna see sweat!  And one, and two, and one, and two!" while doing some sort of dance aerobics to some bad music. After a few seconds, she leapt into the air and fell flat on the ground.

#54-Whammy in circus ring (Whammy Cannonball)

A whammy in a cannon appeared with a sign that read "The Great Whamini".  The fuse was already lit, and an off-screen ringmaster says "Now appearing in the Center Ring,Tthe Great Whamini"  The cannon shoots, but the whammy falls straight down and carries a piece of cannon with him.  He then says "Holy smokes... Guys?"

#55-Whammy with Christmas Tree

Was used during the Christmas episodes of PYL.  A whammy appeared carrying a present to put beneath the Christmas Tree.  However, each time the whammy would sing a different Christmas Carol with his own style of lyrics. Sometimes he would sing "I wish ME a Merry Christmas" or "My Christmas Tree".  There may have beem some others.  However, the tree fell right on top of the whammy each time.

#56-Whammy Cheerleaders

Two whammies , Tammy and Whammy, appeared with a $ on their uniforms.  Tammy had a bullhorn with a $ on it, also.  They both shouted over the crowd noise "Give me a W-H-A!  Give me an M-M-Y!" On the Y, Tammy smashed the bullhorn on Whammy's head, causing an echo.

More waiting to be posted!

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