My Bio


On Thanksgiving Day, November 1960, in Memphis, Tennessee, I came screaming into the world, the oldest of three children. During the next 17 years I did what most kids do: had some fun, got into some trouble, and caused my parents much happiness and grief. After graduating from Treadwell High School in 1978 I began searching for a full time job, neither of my parents finished school and I believed that college was not an option for me. I began work at Holiday Inns, Inc. in 1979 as a reservationist and held several positions during my 12 years with there. However, in 1991 Holiday Inns announced their move to Atlanta, Georgia and began downsizing; so I started seeking other employment.

A next door neighbor told me The University of Memphis (formerly Memphis State University) was looking for a secretary in the College of Arts and Sciences. My employment with The University began in July 1991 as secretary to the Associate Dean. This job afforded me an opportunity I had not thought possible; I could go to college and free of charge! I began taking evening classes while working full-time. The University job was great, I loved the different types of people I came into contact with and I guess my enthusiasm was contagious. Unbelievably, I was chosen "Employee of the Year" for 1993-1994, that was an honor I'll always remember.

During 1982 I meet a wonderful man and in March of 1985, Jack and I married and shortly thereafter started a family. We have a son, Coleman, born May 1986 and a daughter, Anna, born August 1988. We decided Memphis was not where we wanted to raise our family and always dreamed of living in Florida. In September of 1994 my husband had an opportunity to transfer with Federal Express to Lubbock, Texas, this was the stepping stone we were looking for.

We missed family and friends but this move was good for us and helped strengthened our family. The next year, on our 10th anniversary, Jack's gift was a suggestion for me to find some way to get back into school and attend full-time. Financially this was very difficult but we decided nothing was more important than for me to continue my education. I was accepted to South Plains College for the 1995 summer term as a full-time student into the MicroComputing Department. After two semesters I was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, was vice-president of the computer club and worked as a lab assistant. We became interest in gardening and an opportunity arose for us to start an organic, community garden next to our home. The whole family pitched in and soon the kids had their own plot and were enjoying the sight of seeds turning into 14 foot sunflowers. Lubbock was a great place to raise to family; however we kept looking to relocate to Florida.

In August 1996 it happened, Jack applied for and was offered a transfer to Gainesville, Florida. Although we wanted this move the timing was difficult. I only lacked four classes to graduate from SPC; but, with nothing being offered during the summer semester we didn't want this opportunity to slip away. We packed up the family and moved to Keystone Heights, Florida. Immediately I enrolled at Santa Fe Community College for the fall term and plan to graduate on May 1, 1998 with an A.S. in the Computer Information Systems Analysis program. I hope to find a rewarding job that enables our family to look back and say it was all worth it!