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How to Win Gopher
"How to Win: A Practical Guide for Defeating the Radical Right in Your Community" A 30-item gopher outlining strategies for countering the Right on various issues.
Institute for First Amendment Studies
"Founded in 1984, IFAS is a non-profit educational and research organization focusing solely on the activities of the radical Religious Right."
The Interfaith Alliance
"The Interfaith Alliance draws on shared religious principles to challenge those who manipulate religion to promote an extreme political agenda..."
People for the American Way
"Founded in 1980 to monitor and counter the divisive agenda of the Religious Right political movement, People for the American Way is working to build a movement grounded in values that define what is best about our country."
Institute for the Study of the Religious Right
"ISRR is a non-profit organization dedicated to defining, examining, and constructively confronting the regressive social agenda of the Religious Right in the United States."
The Liberal Constitutionalist
This site is dedicated to countering the Right's agenda with regard to Constitutional revisionism, especially the idea that the Constitution describes the United States as being a "Christian Nation."
Liberalism Resurgent
"More than ever before, opponents of liberalism are broadcasting pseudo-science, demagogic politics, crank economics, and think-tank propaganda in easily parrotted sound bites. This site is a gateway to an entire arsenal of liberal studies, statistics and state-of-the-art arguments that refute their myths."
Turn Left
"The home of liberalism on the Web." Providing info and resources for liberals, this is the largest and oldest site of its kind.
Left Wing
"Liberal Opinion, Progressive Politics." A sharp collection of editorials, articles, and Web resources dealing with corporate greed, censorship, online privacy, and other leftist hot topics.
Liberal Slant
"The mainstream 'Liberal media' is owned by large Conservative corporations that dictate control over news reporting bias in major newspapers and on the major television networks. You're only getting the 'News' that they want you to see. This web site is an attempt to give you access to alternative viewpoints."
Keeping Track of Newt Gingrich
This page provides detailed, chronological accounts of the escapades of our House Speaker. Updated regularly.
The Anti-Rush Limbaugh Page
A collection of links to all manner of anti-Rush sites, including Rash Limbo, Rush Watch, Rush is Wrong, and more. Also includes academic writing and articles on the Rush phenomenon, plus original commentary by the page's author.
Fight the Right Network
"The Fight the Right Network will build inclusive and ongoing campaigns to expose and defeat the agenda of the poitical and religious right. These local campaigns will also work to improve the lives of those most affected by the right-wing agenda."
Foundation for Ethics and Meaning
The Foundation seeks to stem the tide of conservative thought in politics and society, and encourages the American public to consider life's meaning in its ethical, spiritual, and psychological dimensions.
Liberals United!
"Liberals United! conducts workshops to train liberal activists and thinkers across the country to communicate their message through the media." "Liberals United! was created to provide a counter-force to the conservative propoganda machine comprising Rush Limbaugh, the Christian Coalition, Newt Gingrich and their many clones."
The Public Eye
"Helping You Understand Right Wing Threats to Democracy and Diversity." Sections include Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Antisemitism, Authoritarianism, Stereotyping, Scapegoating, and Conspiracism."
Americans for Democratic Action
"Since 1947, Americans for Democratic Action has pioneered the development and promotion of a national liberal agenda of public policy formulation and action. Our members are citizens from every state in the nation, working in sustained political and legislative action to help formulate and achieve significant social change through government action."
Eye on the Right Index
A TREEHUGGERS page presently linking twenty-six sites maintained by various elements of the Religious Right.

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