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The Shower

Both Raisen and Bran wouldn't let me take a shower alone. See, there was this big, mean, horrible Water Monster which seemed would always attack me when I'd take a shower. It always made such horrible, terrifying sounds when attacking me, which sounded roughly akin to "OHHHHH, SOOOO-LO MEEEE-OWWWW!..." Of course, when these sounds would begin, both would scurry up to the side of the bathtub and try to peek inside the shower curtain to see what was happening and, of course, to encourage me to hurry up and run away as fast as I could from the Monster -- both with loudly vocalized mews and meows. Of course, this was when they were kittens. As they got older, it started to become apparent to them that obviously I was not running away, and that I always ended up getting away from the monster apparently unscathed. Bran is no longer here, but Raisen, she still always trots into the bathroom behind me, and now it amounts more to singing along with me than anything urgent. I sing "Oh so-lo...," and she sings "...Mee-owwww!" and we both have a wonderful time.

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Recently, as I sat watching Raisen crunching on her fortune cookie, I read the fortune inside. It said, "You have an active mind and a keen imaginiation." When I think of watching Raisen outside in our back yard, playing with the bugs...it seems to fit her perfectly.

Anyway, that's my Raisen.

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