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Eating Habits

Dare I tell you? I have found that Raisen will eat just about anything. Usually stolen or snuck, here is a list.

There is one other peculiar thing that Raisen does almost regularly for no apparent reason that I haven't been able to yet decipher. Raisen likes to splash the water out of her water bowl with her paw. At first I thought this was her way of telling me that her water wasn't fresh anymore and that it really needed changing. But since she does it often immediately after filling her water bowl, I've concluded that this must not be so. She does this loudly and with a speedy, regular tempo. Could it also be sounds again? the funny "splOOsh! splOOsh! splOOsh!" noise being something she likes to hear as well? Who knows! [UPDATE: we finally figured out what she is doing. She's simply washing her paws. But SHEESH! She sure likes to make a loud mess of things while doing it - as she gets it all over the floor surrounding the water bowl! --Todd]

Also, if you try to feed her something that she doesn't find particularly attractive to taste or smell, she will scratch at it with her right front paw -- just as if she were in her litter pan covering...well...`poop.'

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