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A Strange Puss

[Can you spot the kitty in this picture?] Raisen (TM) is a strange little furball. She thinks she's human. She relates human; tries to `speak' human (she's a highly vocal puss - although, when she gets mad, her voice may change); wants to eat human; and has an `attitude' human. When I'd go for walks when she was a kitten, she'd want to go, too - be it on a leash or on my shoulder as I jog around the block. And now, when I go for drives, she has to be there with me so that she can watch the other cars and people going by closely and to make sure that none of them are going to somehow end up hurting me. (At least, I like to think that.) Raisen points out all the dummy pedestrians who cross the road against the light so that I don't hit them - as much as I might wish it were legal to do so sometimes. She warns me of the other drivers who aren't watching - darting back and forth to each and every available window to get a better picture of the whole 360-degree scenerio. When we arrive at our destination, she of course wants to come in with me, and can't understand those silly prejudous rules and laws made to keep her out. But with a promise to come back out quickly she is content to wait happily. (I usually don't take her anywhere in the car unless it's a short, quick trip to the store for something where I know I'll be right back out.)

[And just WHERE the hell have YOU been all day?!!!] Still, she can't stand being left home alone. Coming home from work or shopping every day usually amounts to a big ordeal of loudly vocalized mews when she meets you at the door. This is my punishment for leaving her for `so long' without so much as a lunchtime phone call to let her know I'm okay. After this, she might jump up to my shoulder so that she can be closer to my face and offer shedded furs to my eyes -- and a few whacks of her tail to my face -- purring as she does so. It's sort of a mixture of "Glad to see you again!" and "But just do it again, Bud!..."

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