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[Raisen's Waterhole & Lounge] Raisen is the Founder and President of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (I.B.K.C.). [Not *really*.] Upset with the fact that there had never been any clubs and societies founded and run by and for cats, Raisen decided the time had come, and took the initiative in creating the first of such clubs. The day was May 6th, 1995, two years to the day after she was born. To honor her, Raisen gave the office of Vice-President to her mother, Muffin. Other Board Members are: her sister Bran, Secretary, and her adopted brother, Mischief, Treasurer. The purpose of the `Committee' is to promote fun, frolicking, and mischievity amoungst all little kitties in the United States, and to protect the rights and liberties of all little kitties under the `Catstitution of the United States of America,' and its companion document - the `Caterwalling of Rights.' To be allowed membership in the `Committee', a kitty must be 1) of the small and domesticated (i.e., the highly sophisticated) variety; 2) not of the larger undomesticated and wild breeds of five feet and longer from head to tail; 3) able to pay a one-time lifetime membership fee of one (1) can of Fancy Feast (TM). Membership is for life and there are no dues to pay. Whether you live inside or outside of the house does not matter and we do not discriminate. There are no age limits, no breed restrictions (other than that already mentioned above), and no restrictions upon sex of the member. Meetings are governed by the Rules of Parliacattery Procedure, per the book, `Raisen's Rules Of Order Newly Revised' - which book also happens to be written by Raisen, herself.

Okay, okay! So I'm kidding!

[Sleeping in her favorite bed.] Raisen is very active. She's like a temperamental Siamese. One moment, she's very hyper and wants to play and gets into everything, and runs about the house like a crazed nut. The other moment, she's very relaxed. But, when she wants to be left alone she isn't afraid to let you know that. And here's a little WAV file of what that sounds like.

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