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This page was starting to get pretty large with all the photos included in it. So I've decided to break it up into smaller sub-parts so that it doesn't seem to take so long to load, and added an INDEX.

Download a background BMP of Raisen caught with a flake of mashed potato on her lip and a "who? ME?" look upon her face.


  1. General Description - What she is. What she ain't.
  2. Science-Minded Puss - Raisen's pretty smart. Ever see a cat fly into a tornado on purpose?
  3. In Fun - As if its not.
  4. A Strange Kitty - Trust me.
  5. Eating Habits - If you want it, so does she.
  6. Play! (...Oh boy!) - When Raisen takes a break from a hard play day, she works.
  7. The Shower - (Sorry. Original soundtrack not yet available in stores.)
  8. More Photos of Raisen

Raisen's Visit To The Vet - April, 2000

Raisen hates going to the Vet. She'll drive with me anywhere, but on the day that its time to go to the Vet, she always knows for some reason - no matter how normal things seem to otherwise be. Here are a few photos to document this year's veterinary occasion...

[In the Waiting Room]

Photo 1. Raisen sits in the Waiting Room, a look of nervous, forboding contemplation upon her face as she stares out the window.

[I will not forget this day!]

Photo 2. "I will NOT forget this day!"

[I'm content to wait here, thank you!]

Photo 3. Raisen watches in sheer horror from provided safety while Mom (Muffin) takes her turn on the table. "I'm content to wait here, thank you. Just keep that guy with the gloves away from me!"

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