I wanna be President. My first task will be to abolish the House and the Senate altogether, replace them with total unpaid volunteers, who would handle those matters which were too complicated for the public (foreign affairs, wars, etc.), and then give direct Bill-voting control to the citizens - voting one-on-one, over the Internet. There would be a new TV channel added to the national lineup: The Citizen's Voting Channel. It would be every citizen's duty to check out this channel every day, and to vote on a minimum of two issues per week which would be detailed there - over the Internet. We'd get more done THAT way than with our current system of Senators taking bribes under the table and overriding everything we vote on. Enough of all this underhandedness with our "Legislators." We don't need them anymore. They're dunsel. They're actually a detriment if you think about it. They don't do us good, they do themselves good. No arguing. No bickering. No delay tactics. All the information needed on the issue would be given on the TV channel, and it would be up to the citizens to decide for themselves how important an issue is, and they would vote either "yea" or "nay," or "undecided," at least. The votes would be tallied immediately, and the law would go into effect six months later.

Next...RE-regulation. "Deregulation" obviously does not work. The major purpose of deregulation was supposed to be to allow/trust commercial companies/entities to regulate themselves "honestly". This doesn't work. It's only resulted in less rights for consumers and less ability to force companies to take responsibility when their products are less than par. It also results in employees having less rights to defend themselves against more and more improper company policies. Deregulation only helps commercial entities, not Joe Average Citizen. Commercial entities CANNOT be trusted to be honest, as they so highly touted they could be when they demanded deregulation, before. We now know better, and that we need MORE government involvement; not LESS -- in order to keep these people in line and honest. When a product is defective, I don't want to have to go to COURT just to get my money back, as we practically have to do, now...after pressing 50 menu buttons on an automated phone service to find out that we don't qualify for reimbursement, for example.

Next...take insurance out of the hands of commercial entities and place it SOLELY in the hands of the goverment, raise taxes by 20-percent, and give everyone 100-percent medical, health, and dental coverage. Now everyone is guaranteed coverage if they are a citizen. None of this "sorry...if you can't afford it, you'll just have to lay there and die" crap.

Next..."Pets Are People, Too" legislation. Pets have rights equivalent to humans. Pets afforded recompense for wrongs. Owners afforded recompense for wrongful loss equivalent to that which they would receive if a human were wrongly lost. Evil-doers shot in butt if convicted, then forced to sit down on vibrating chair to think about what they did.

Next...assign Andy Rooney as my personal secretary. (He seems to have a knack for handling the fan mail better than everyone else.) He can give a Press Conference at the end of every week detailing the best pieces of fan mail received by the President. The Press should enjoy that.

Next...assign John Stossel as FCC Chairman. "You wanna do WHAT??? Gimme a BREAK!" Has a No-Nonsense way of handling things.