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  1. Companies
  2. Gifts
  3. Humane Societies
  4. Magazines
  5. Missing Pets
  6. Personal Pet Pages
  7. Pictures
  8. Products & Services
  9. Recreation
  10. Software
  11. Related USENET Newsgroups

  1. Companies:
  2. Acme Pet - Searchable and user-updatable Web database of pet information and links to Web pages full of dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses, etc.
  3. Petopia - Online pet products.
  4. Gifts:
  5. Unique Concepts, Inc. - gifts for your dogs and cats
  6. Humane Societies:
  7. C.A.R.E. - find the right new homes for stray, abandoned, and owner relinquished dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. Pets stay in sponsors homes, receive medical treatment as needed, and are groomed, vaccinated, and evaluated to determine the requirements for a successful adoption.
  8. Gainesville (FL) Pet Rescue
  9. Magazines:
  10. (currently empty)
  11. Missing Pets:
  12. Animal Care WWW Site
  13. Petfinders
  14. Sherlock Bones: Pet Detective
  15. Personal Pet Pages:
  16. Pictures:
  17. Coco & Loco Cat Pages Hall of Fame - A galery to place your fuzzy little cats photo.
  18. Products and Services:
  19. Cat Faeries - offers healthy and pretty products for cats and their humans.
  20. Cat Scratch Feeder - Pavlov's Cat Scratch Feeder. Cats Love it! It's a Scratching Post, a Self-Feeder, and a Vacation Feeder, all in one. Will not overfeed.
  21. Cedco Publishing Company - We publish books and 150 calendars about trains, Anne Geddes, dogs, cats, Beatles, Elvis, golf, Snoopy, biking, sailing, birds, cars, flowers, art and much more.
  22. Everlasting Stone Products - Quality markers, memorials, monuments, caskets and urns for dogs, cats, horses and other beloved pets.
  23. Katherine DeBarnes Favourite Food - Creating Amazingly Healthy Dogs And Cats Naturally
  24. Molly & Friends - Molly & Friends creates high-quality cat condos. Select from pre-designed condos, or create your own on their web site, and submit the order. I personally own a 4-tiered model with two cradles, bed, and a molly. Very sturdy. I've stood and sat upon these myself. Based here in Gainesville, Fla. [Link added 04/21/2000]
  25. Natural Scratch - Cedar Scratching posts to offer your pets a more natural scratching surface than your furniture - Ted Schaar
  26. Recreation:
  27. Cat Code Translations
  28. Cat Fanciers - Put together by a group of cat breeders and exhibitors. Includes information about purebred cats and cat registering associations.
  29. Cats on the Internet - A compilation of links to pages featuring cats.
  30. Cats, Cats and More Cats - Our cats and other interesting cat-related info.
  31. The Hemingway Home - See the Hemingway cats!
  32. rec.pets.cat FTP Server
  33. STOP KITTY PORN! - The Corporation - Millions of owners around the world are uploading naked photos of thier young kitties all over the net! Help stop this atrocious activity before its too late!
  34. WWW Cat Map - A few links to some cat owners around the world, on a clickable map.
  35. Software:
  36. Man's Best Friend Software - specializes in software designed for the breeders, exhibitors and groomers of fine dogs and cats.
  37. Related USENET Newsgroups:
  38. alt.animals.felines
  39. rec.pets.cats
  40. rec.pets.cats.announce - Informational postings, FAQs, etc.
  41. rec.pets.cats.anecdotes - Stories about our cats.
  42. rec.pets.cats.community - Feline/human conversations (eh?) and relationships.
  43. rec.pets.cats.health+behav - Feline health and behaviour.
  44. rec.pets.cats.misc - General feline topics.
  45. rec.pets.cats.rescue - Discussion of feline rescue organizations.
  46. ucsc.cats.d

Cat Stuff - Putsicatus-Catatipus Links
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Gainesville, Alachua Co., Fla.
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Last updated: April 21, 2000.

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