[A few days after Christmas, 1999.]

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Photo taken December, 1999, a few days after Christmas.

Here, I was preparing to cook dinner, and I'd left an unopened bag of mashed potatoes upon the kitchen counter. For some reason that I can't remember now, I left the room and, when I came back some minutes later, Raisen was laying upon a bag of Christmas decorations that were on the floor of the living room (which bag was being used to pack up decorations being taken down). As I approached the kitchen, I noticed a lot of tiny little "mousey bite holes" all over the top of the mashed potato bag. (If you look at the back left of the photo, you can see an example of one in the background in the plastic bag.) "ALRIGHT! WHO got into the bag of mashed potatoes!" I said ... knowing full well who did it. I walked over to Raisen, and stared at her with a "well? FESS up" look. In return, Raisen simply looked back up at me with a "What??? Who? ME? I didn't do it!" look. Yet, upon closer examination of her face, there was the evidence, staring back at me in the lower corner of her lip. (grin) So, I went back to my bedroom and grabbed my digital camera and, well, this is one of the photos to remember the occasion by.

(Sigh.) I miss her so much.

Created: November 10, 2000.
Last Updated: November 10, 2000.

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