Oh... hello there. I'm Morticia Addams, and this is my "sounds page", I think that's what Gomez
calls it. Here you will find all of the sounds that Gomez and I have collected.
I must feed my plants now, but feel free to look around.

Au revoir.

Simpsons Sounds

Homer wants the number for 911
The police chief says "No this is 91...2
Bart plays a phone trick on Moe
Homer doing a scene from "Planet Of The Apes"
Homer is scared of the "boogie men"
Someone burns a doughnut, Homer's reaction
Barney burps
Bart comments about college
Homer is astonished at what a computer can do
"doh, doh, doh, woohoo"
Homer comments about the English language
Abraham comments about "too many states"
Homer comments about the "information superhighway"
Bart wants his "monkey man"
Homer sings "nacho man"
Homer sings the "Mr. Plow" theme
Homer threatens his brain with a Q-tip
Homer says "SHUT UP"
Homer says "Super-fun-happy-slide"
Homer wants the TV to be funnier
Abraham thinks Bart is a vampire
Homer explains the importance of weaseling out of things
"Hey weener boy...."
Homer says "YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!"

More sounds are coming soon
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