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Jessica - Owner
Nelson - Co-Owner
Lauren - Head Designer
Ashaunda - Creator
Ruth - Creator
Sile - Skinner
Daniela- Guest
Dianne - Floors & Walls
Krysti - House Creator
Heather - Skinner

Holly - Secretary
Sarah - Host
Becki & John
- Houses
Safa - Houses
Colleen - Skinner
Christi - Floors & Walls


Floors 1 2 3 4 5 6
* Means Matching Wall Available
Ivy Floor By Christi

Ivy Floor 1 By Christi
Ivy Floor 2 By Christi
Ivy Floor 3 By Christi
Ivy Floor 4 By Christi
Ivy 5 Floor By Christi
Ivy Floor 6 By Christi
Ivy Floor 7 By Christi
Ivy Floor a By Christi
Fairy Magic By Christi
Fairy Magic 1 By Christi
Fairy Magic 2 By Christi
Asian Bedroom By Christi
Precious Moments By Christi
Ancient Carvings Blue By Lauren
Ancient Carvings Red By Lauren
Black Marble By Lauren
Black Stone By Lauren
Black & White By Lauren
Blue Waves By Lauren
Brown Enchantment By Lauren
Coastal Fog By Lauren
Comfort Foam By Lauren
Crashing Waves By Lauren
Crystal Blue Diamonds By Lauren
Cushy Gray & White By Lauren
Cushy Gray By Lauren
Dark Blue Carpet By Lauren
De La Ploya Marble By Lauren
Dark Gray By Lauren
Earthly Diamonds By Lauren
Earth Marble By Lauren
Esther Tiles By Lauren
Fiji Water Tiles By Lauren
Fire & Ice Marble By Lauren
Good Times By Lauren
Gray Carpet By Lauren
Green Diamond Tiles By Lauren
Hexagon Stone Paving By Lauren
Hint of Red By Lauren
Lion King Carpet By Lauren
Mauve Desires By Lauren
Mexican Tiles By Lauren
Mezmerize By Lauren
Midday Reflection By Lauren

Game Room Floor By Christi
Blue Elegant 1 By Christi
Blue Elegant 2 By Christi
Rust Bath By Sandy*
Rust Bath 3 By Sandy*

Rust Bath 2 By Sandy*