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Jessica - Owner
Nelson - Co-Owner
Lauren - Head Designer
Ashaunda - Creator
Ruth - Creator
Sile - Skinner
Daniela- Creator
Dianne - Floors & Walls
Inner Sims - Creator
Krysti - House Creator
Heather - Skinner
Sandy - Creator
Holly - Secretary
Sarah - Host


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Oranges By Heather
Zebra By Heather
Khaki By Daniela (Light)
Zara By Ruth (Light)
Zara 2 By Ruth (Light)
Zara 4 By Ruth (Light)

Genie By Ruth (Light)

Bright Catsuit By Ruth (Light)
Bright Orange By Heather
Fruit Punch By Heather
Pink Palm By Heather
Chinese-Style Top By Jessica
Orange Plaid By Jessica
Strapless Tropics By Jessica
Black Plum Sexy By Jessica