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Welcome to SimsAddiction!
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FINAL UPDATE on the Dotcom!

118 new downloads for you today
including 83 objects, 2 room sets (w/ 16 objects!) & 19 skins!!
Thanks to Colleen, Ashaunda, Krysti & Jessica for these awesome downloads.
Dear SimsAddiction Visitors/Staff,
I would like to say first of all thanks to my entire staff for these past 3 years. It's been fun, and I have greatly enjoyed working with each and every one of you. After 3 years, I have decided it is finally time to bite the bullet and say good-bye. Some of my staff and I have decided to open up a Yahoo Group so that we can continue to provide you all with the quality downloads you know and love from SA, but without all the hassle (not to mention cost!) of a dotcom. It has just become too much for me, and as you all could probably tell, the updates were becoming farther and farther apart as time went on. I have just gotten too busy to continue to update on such a regular basis, and since aside from knowing you have satisfied downloaders there is little reward in having a site such as this, I just decided it wasn't worth it anymore. I still love to create, as does the rest of the team, so have no fear, you can still download our new creations from the Yahoo Group. I will leave the dotcom forwarding up for 2-3 months to allow all of you to bookmark the main/index page. After that I will discontinue the dotcom forwarding. Please bookmark the main page--the site will still be accessible, and all the downloads will remain here, it just will not be updated anymore. All our updates from now on will be at the Yahoo Group. In 2-3 months the dotcom will no longer work, so I urge you to bookmark the main page, as it is quite long to try to remember. Thank you all so much for a great 3 years, and I look forward to seeing you at the Yahoo Group! Much Love, Jessica
06/04/2004 - 70 new downloads for you today including 4 meshes, 21 heads, 36 skins, 6 walls and 3 floors. Extending HUGE thanks to Colleen, Sandy, Ashaunda, Al & Jessica for this week's update! A special thanks to Al from SimSkins for allowing use of his shoe meshes, and
for his much-appreciated assistance on attaching them. Thanks, Al!
Enjoy this week's update, see you all next week! Come have a downloading spree...for free!

What's New

Skins: Fit Female Casual, Buyable Female Swimwear (Pages 1 & 2), Pale Female Skins, Fit Female Sets, Girls' Pajamas, Fat Female Casual & Skinny Female Casual
Objects: Decorative (Pages 16, 17, 18 & 19) & Seating (Pages 4 & 5)
Sets: Caribbean Blues Living Room & Tropics Bamboo Living Room


SimsAddiction will no longer be updating here on the dotcom site. To see our future updates, please visit http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/simsaddiction/
Thanks everyone for a great 3 years!

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