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In 1937, physicists at Harvard and MIT began experiments with electrokinesis, or the moving of objects by electromagnetic forces. Dubbed Project Chronosphere the experiments consisted of shooting electric shock waves at an object until the electrical field around that object was equal to that of the shock wave. When that happened, the object's atomic basis would convert into wave energies which could be transported on beams of light, which is nothing more than concentrated electromagnetic energy.

The experiments worked well with inanimate objects, but scientists found that life forms could not be used, since the molecular structures were too complex.
Albert Einstein

Generally recognized as one of the greatest physicists of all time, he urged the United States to use atomic energy in bombs. His special theory of relativity included gravitation as a determiner of the curvature of a space-time continuum, the basis of all theoretical and practical time travel.

The most important of his inventions for the military was his unified field theory which explains gravitation and electromagnetism with one set of laws, thereby making weapons like the Chronosphere not only possible but practical.

On his deathbed, reflecting on his lifes work, he warned The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.

Gap Generator

The Gap Generator creates a temporary rip in the electro-magnetic continuum that makes objects temporarily disappear. The technology that makes this possible started way back in 1874 when Heinrich Rudolf Hertz discovered electromagnetic waves (radio waves) that travel at the speed of light and can be polarized like light.

In 1934, British, Germans and French scientists proved that these waves not only detect objects (the basis of radar) but can also mask or hide enemy structures and units, by breaking up the waves with electronically created gaps .

Iron Curtain

This defensive device was built by the Russians in 1951, based on Einstein's theories of quantum physics and quantum mechanics. Because electrons of light are built up from smaller particles (photons, quasons, etc.) the components of a beam of light travel at unequal speeds. When these beams of light are focused through certain kinds of filters, some electrons arrive at a light destination faster than others. This reaction causes physical objects be surrounded by an impenetrable electric barrier.

By increasing the amount of energy to dangerously high levels, an object can remain impervious to any contact for periods of up to half a minute or more.

The Philadelphia Experiment

In 1939, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla told the United States Office of Naval Research that Einstein's Unified Field Theory could be used to jam certain types of radar, thereby making objects become invisible. On June 12, 1943. the Navy prepared seven gigantic Tesla coils and beamed them toward the USS Eldridge, a medium-sized cruiser berthed just outside Philadelphia.

The ship vanished completely for some seven minutes.

When the ship reappeared most of the 67 men on board were okay. However, Naval researchers and scientists then discovered a grisly sight.

Bodies, or remains of bodies were found throughout the ship, some embedded within the steel. It appeared that the experiment had caused a complete breakdown of the Einsteins suggested time/space continuum. The surviving crew members were hospitalized in secret locations and all records of the experiment received the highest classification.

In 1990, two survivors, Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron broke the code of silence, and began revealing with documents and photos what had happened during the Philadelphia Experiment.

Many authorities believe that much of the research data on cloaking, however, had been used by Lockheed in its construction of the B-1 stealth bomber.

Radar Dome

These highly secret and secure buildings were all-purpose communications centers housing sensitive communications equipment that transmitted either pulse or doppler radio waves at an approaching weapon. The reflections are received by the radar dome, processed electronically, and converted into images on a series of sensitive screens. Pulse radar is used primarily for aircraft and naval navigation and for military applications.

In Doppler(or continuous-wave radar) two antennas are usedone to transmit and the other to receive. Doppler radar cannot determine distance but can determine accurately the velocity of approaching weapons.

GPS Satellite

Some tech savvy and good gameplaying can come from a judicious use of the new technology called the Global Positioning System (GPS), one of the wonder technologies unveiled to the world stage during Operation Desert Storm. The GPS trace its roots to the early 1960s. Yet it has proven to be a prototypical 1990s, dual-use technology: both military and civilian users can benefit equally from the accuracy with which the satellite-based system can locate receivers on the ground.

As currently comprised, the GPS contains 21 operating satellites and three in-orbit spares. (New satellites are currently on the drawing board.) Each satellite continuously emits a pair of high megahertz signals that constantly interact tracking down ground sites. These signals also make it possible for computers to interact with each other and carry broad spectrums of audio and video information.

Stalin, Joseph

In 1903, Stalin (an assumed name meaning Man of Steel) joins the Communist Party. In 1924, Stalin executes other members of the ruling committee, gaining control of entire party. In 1928 he orders the liquidation of 4.5 million kulaks (rich landowners) who resist collectivization of agriculture. In 1932, he starts a famine in the Ukraine and in the Caucasus that will kill millions. He does this to starve kulaks who still resist collectivization, seizing their grain and livestock, keeping out relief supplies.

In 1935, Stalin strangles his eldest son Jakov, and kills two of his daughters. In 1936, he begins a Great Purge (Yezhovschina) which will take an estimated 8 to 10 million lives in the next 2 years as he liquidates his political enemies. Authorities believe he is responsible for killing at least 60 million Russians who stood in the way of his quest for power.

One of his most stunning quotes came after he had personally signed death warrants for 62,000 military officers who were resisting him.

"To choose ones victims, to prepare one's plan minutely, to slack an implacable vengeance, and then to go to bed - there is nothing sweeter in the world."

Stealth Technology

Stealth technology was created to fool both pulse and doppler systems of radar. This is a collection of materials and techniques used in the construction of mobile military systems, such as aircraft, tanks, and ships, to significantly reduce their detection by an enemy, primarily by enemy radar.

Among the techniques used in the F-117A fighter and B-2 bomber, for example, are a low profile with no surfaces that reflect radar directly back, the intensive substitut-ion of radar-opaque composites for metals, and an overall coating of a radar-absorbing material.

Tesla Coil

Named after its inventor, Nikola Tesla, this high-energy device is used when great amounts of light, heat and energy are needed for sustained periods of time. The typical coil consists of placing two metal rods (usually steel and brass) in a salt solution, and running a small electric charge into the solution. The electricity runs up both of the metal rods, releasing electrons into the air, with the positive electrons moving to the brass rod and the negative to the steel rod. As these electrons move faster and faster, strong electrical currents are built up and begin arcing between the two poles. You see the same thing happen anytime there is a lightning storm.

Tesla, Nikkola

A prolific inventor and a pioneer in high-tension electricity, he made many discoveries and inventions of great value to the development of radio transmission, radar and to the field of electricity, including an arc-lighting system, the Tesla induction motor, the Tesla coil, and various generators and transformers.

In 1938 he and his colleagues developed and conducted a series of experiments in stealth technology, radar jamming, electronic shrouding and mind control which were conducted and carried out in secret.

V2 Rocket

In the 1940s, a German team under Wernher von Braun developed the V-2 rocket, the first long-range guided missile. There were four different kinds of V-2: V-2A (Air-to-air); (V-2AS)air-to-surface; (V-2SSA) surface-to-air; and (V-2 SS) surface-to-surface. The Russians were the first to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (an expanded V2)in 1958, and the first to use submarines to launch ballistic missiles. Today, V-2-type missiles can be launched from aircraft, surface ships, submarines, or (banned by a U.S.-Russia treaty) the ground. Guided missiles with warheads have become a key strategic weapon of modern warfare

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