Handwoven Fashions

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The ruana can be worn as a wrap,  cape or hung on the wall.  I work with 100% cotton that I prepare by dying the colors to create a specific effect before weaving the cloth.  These wraps can be worn almost year round.

My ruanas are machine washable using COLD water. Line dry or in the dryer at cool temperatures is okay.

This Ruana has Wings

This particular 100% cotton ruana is space-dyed to create a beautiful flowing of colors

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My personal favorite which I use as a winter coat

a close-up

The following crazy quilt was made using scraps from the many ruanas I have made over the years

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For more information you may call, write or e-mail at the following:

phone 386-454-5110
address PO Box 2924 High Springs, FL 32655
e-mail jojotremblay@alltel.net

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