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Ubiquitous Disclaimer: I created this page on a whim -- I  had some free time and decided that if any idiot with an Internet connection can have a Home Page, then this idiot just couldn't pass on the opportunity to be just like everyone else. It was a combination of curiosity and ego, but I loved every minute of it. I can't pass up a chance to learn new things, so web page design and protocol was a gimme. Now I add links and things that I want quick and easy access to, I put up pictures of my cats, and I tell people I have a Home Page. Nothing on here is a God-given fact, nor do I claim responsibility for any of the links and what they contain. I am no believer in sterile, politically correct writing, and I will say what I want, how I want on my own time. In this world of blame, I will take only that which I deserve. My point? If for some reason you've stumbled on my page and don't like what you see, I don't care. Click on your back button and don't come crying to me.

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