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The Black Wolf

Written by Alan Jay Glueckman
Directed by Mario Di Leo


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Pammo on The Black Wolf:

My gut reaction. (Standard explanation - XWP is shown at 7:30 to 8:30 Saturday over here downunder -so I have to make a big decision about what do about dinner during this time. H:TLJ is on immediately beforehand.) I had friends staying so we had takeaway which we got during HTLJ. We talked and ate. Noone felt sick. We all rmemebered to eat our veggies.

Best scene:
Gabrielle doing a good impression of a puppy dog when she is reunited with Xena in the jail, hving played fetch with the chakram.

Most memorable line from this episode:
"This wouldn't have happened if you had kept your hands off my tomatoes."

This week's typo:
This week's typo is that there is no typo.

Summary :
One of my friend's (a very good friend but a very casual Xenite) comments summed it up. "I have seen episodes were X&G got to talk to each other"

c. 1998 Pammo
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