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Yes, Virginia, There Is A Hercules

Written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci
Directed by Christopher Graves

Mika Ariela Epstein

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Katrina on The Battle For Mt. Olympus:

OH, I just enjoyed this episode. That bathroom rhythm had me laughing. The whole, sleeping in the closet (two GUYS!!) thing had me laughing. The idea of Hercules being real confirmed a personal belief about true heroes being immortal. .. . (see fanfic: "The Fan" & "Blood and Roses Altaverse")

OH just everything. .and Hudson and the Sec. .YUM. .Loved the whole whisper thing. ."Not now". .Hehehe. .Taperts in trouble. .I could see hudson coming back for this.

Had to love the slams they were making at themselves. .taking hobbies and really pulling them to the ridiculous. ..PaintBALL. .Gambling Debts. ..
yeah. .and that whole rosepetal thing. ..oh that was funny

Yah, this was a good episode of Hercules (even without Xena)

I'd love to see an immortal Xena/Gab ep. ..that would be fun. :)

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Mika Ariela Epstein on Yes, Virginia, There Is A Hercules :

I loved it, tho wasn't Hudson wearing the wig Lucy wore in "Stranger in a Strange Land..."? Everyone was great, even Robert Trebor (Go Salmonius!) was great. Personally I loved when he said "I got hit in the head by a chandalere and had a great idea! Hercules the Musical!" Not only do we now know WHERE tptb get their *cough* ideas, but we've found the answer behind the disco ball!

My favorite part was Hudson and whoever played the secretary! Ooohh Scorchy not-so-sub-subtext there!!! The little looks that they were totally plotting to kill Rob Tapert and rule. And we /all/ know that if a man and a woman are teaming up for such a devious plot, they'd get it on... and with HUDSON playing Liz.... *siiigh* She still scares me y'know, but instant drool alert.

BTW... Ares and Callisto playing roshambo (rock/paper/scissors) instead of fighting *grin* Oh yeah! And Widow Twanky! I liked this ep better than King Con (which wasn't BAD, but it wasn't good eaither....)

Back to watching my tape of ER. Jorja Fox is in this one ;)

who claims 'hormones' when her dad asks WHY she watches TV.

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