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Lost Mariner

Written by Steven L. Sears
Directed by Garth Maxwell

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Pammo on Lost Mariner:

My gut reaction. (Standard explanation - XWP is shown at 7:30 to 8:30 Saturday over here downunder -so I have to make a big decision about what do about dinner during this time. H:TLJ is on immediately beforehand.) I almost upchucked my homemade pizza during both HTLJ and XWP tonight. Herc because it was the Porkules ep and XWP because of all that rolling and pitching and yawing. Gab's got nothing on me when it comes to seasickness. There was nothing in the plot however to make me want to spew unlike a certain other marine episode screened two weeks before.

Best scene:
No contest here: Xena and Gabrielle reunited on the ship

Most memorable line from this episode:
Tall, dark and cursed for eternity.

The special effects were really speccie.
Tony Todd made a meal of his part.
Renee really ate squid for this part? Dedication or what?
The no makeup look really suits Renee. She was probably made up to look like this.

This week's typo:
"Xena and Gabrielle are forced to flea" - itches they can't scratch in public?

Summary :
The hugs were worth overcoming my fear of being seasick in my own loungeroom .

c. 1998 Pammo
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