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The Execution

Written by Paul Robert Coyle
Directed by Garth Maxwell

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Pammo on The Execution:

My gut reaction:
(Standard explanation - XWP is shown at 7:30 to 8:30 Saturday over here downunder -so I have to make a big decision about what do about dinner during this time. H:TLJ is on immediately beforehand.) I made dinner during H:TLJ. I ate it during XWP. I didn't feel the need to throw up.

Best scene:
Gabrielle bouncing up to Xena putting one had on her shoulder and the other on her abdomen. Just totally comfortable with it.

Most memorable line from this episode:
Can't decide between "Friends don't lie." and "She's just too ...Xena"

Asides: This week's typo:
"Ten Raimi" (besides Ted not being in it, the thought of ten J***rs sends shivers down my spine.)

Summary :
Wasn't much fun watching G. behave like an painful adolescent but I guess they had to show her going though growing up type stuff and Renee managed to make her look young.
Maybe a one dinar episode.

c. 1998 Pammo
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