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A Comedy Of Eros

Written by Chris Manheim
Directed by Charles Siebert

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Pammo on A Comedy Of Eros:

My gut reaction. (Standard explanation - XWP is shown at 7:30 to 8:30 Saturday over here downunder -so I have to make a big decision about what do about dinner during this time. H:TLJ is on immediately beforehand.) Tonight we had double Xena 6:30 to 8:30 (yippee) but I still managed to sneak in food preparation during the J@#%r heavy bits of COE. Almost lost it though when Gabrielle was chewing on the lace up thing of the J man's shirt.

Best scene:
That total teaser few seconds where we believe (becasue we want to) that TPTB will let Gabrielle become besotted with Xena (openly I mean with even a quirk of the gods thing to justify a bit of our gals making out in public)

Most memorable line from this episode:
I used the word cute?...

I must be a humourless cuss coz I didn't find the Max Sennett chase scene tribute particularly funny. But I have always had a fondness for verbal comedy rather than slapstick. In my book you have to be John Cleese before I can get into laughing at a silly walk routine.

Karl Urban makes a more believeable Cupid than a Ceasar IMNSHO

This week's typo:
"Jestian virgins" Groan.

This ep had potential. I am spending this week's dinars on a J@#%r voodoo doll.

c. 1998 Pammo
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