10 MARCH 1997

The ELBE RIVER EVENT is March 22nd and 23rd. That is less than two weeks away. I have registered the following pioniers; C. Adams, M. Dwyer, T. Knowles, R. Sawyer and J. Welch. YOU MUST BE IN CAMP NO LATER THAN 7:30am for MOURNING INSPECTION. Michael Ehrhart will be tempoarily promoted to Stabfeldwebel. He will be in command of the unit at this event. He will also be second in command to the German field commander. We will be having a GROUP MEETING SATURDAY evening instead of Suday morning this will give us more time to train on Sunday. We are looking at unit dues. It has been suggested that dues be $3.20 or $5.00. The main reason for this is to help with the mailing of newsletters. Anything else that needs to be discussed can be done at this time. I would suggest that you bring some water and a cooler for cold drinks. I have seen the property and it is very primative.

WE NEED TO HAVE OUR ACT TOGETHER FOR THE RIVER ELBE EVENT. We need to Show the Gross's how it is done. Also if we have several units of the N.M.H.A. attend and we have FARBS and are disorganized. Our reputation that we have worked hard for will be KAPUT. It also means no more larger scale events in the state of Florida. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE HIGH AND TIGHT HAIRCUTS, NO FACIAL HAIR AND A SHARP MILITARY APPEARANCE.

Now on to the T-shirts. As I have informed everyone. The price will be between $8.50 and $9.00 per shirt. 2XL will cost a $1.50 more. I have the number that everyone would like. Now I need to get the money. I have money from Jay, Peter and myself. We are just waiting for the rest of you guys. If you would PLEASE send me the $9.00 per shirt. I will RETURN any funds left over. Don't forget to add $1.50 for 2XL shirts.

Hermal's (Dan) kubelwagon should be here within the month. It should have top priority for the unit. I feel real bad when we attend events and pioniers have to walk. I would like to welcome our newest member, Mike Raduano. He has been reenacting W.W.II for quite a while now with as SS unit. Our group is a little more local so he has made the switch. 1997 UPcCOMING EVENTS; * MARCH 22nd and 23rd c HOMELAND, FL. River Elbe. Registration is now $20.00 and you can pay on sight. This is for portcaclets, insurance and at least one meal. It is a field event, bring your zeltbahns. We have register as a group as of this date. All those who do German have registered for this event. APRIL 12th and 13th c NEWNAN, GA. N.M.H.A. Spring Battle. Keep this one in the back of your mind. More info when it comes available. Not sure I can attend this one.


AUGUST 8th and 9th Bushnell, FL W.W.II Day. Displays and Demonstrations. More info when avaiable. OCTOBER c Commerce, GA. N.M.H.A. Western front battle. More Info when available. NOVEMBER c Newnan or Agusta, GA. N.M.H.A. Italian front battle. More info when available. NOVEMBER c Ft. Eustis, VA. Battle Group Inc. Western front battle. More info when available. DECEMBER 12th and 13th c Lebanon, TN. 20th Century Tactical Studies Group, Eastern front battle.