First of all I am writing this only form common sense and some experience and not from a great knowledge of German tactics. Some parts are taken from Allied writings on German tactics. While I am more interested in Motorized Recon the points below apply equally to foot recon.


Other than reporting a general position of the enemy a report should contain specific important data. Some of this data may be asked for by the commander or depend on the type of mission.

Types of recon

Route Recon-Typically means checking a road to be used in the near future to move other troops, or in the defense to check for the approch of the enemy.

Point Recon-Reporting on the situation at a single point ie crossroad, hill, bridge.

Area Recon-Checking an area ie town or woods.

Other Missions

Covering advances-Once you have returned and reported in a Recon units is the obvious choise to lead the advance. If your units has enough men and vehicles leave some in contact with the enemy and send others back to report the situation. The German Army stresses maintaining contact with the enemy.

Outposts or advanced guards- See the section on Defending for outposts.

Things to keep in mind