In keeping with the fact that the original unit was motorized, we are attempting to have enough vehicles to transport all of our members at all times. At present Alex owns a reproduction of the German Kublewagon, I have a Chinese copy of the BMW R-71. Dan is still working on getting his Kublewagon up and running, the revised date for that projects is probably summer of 1997. We attempt to reamin mobile during the battle. There are advantages to this and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is being able to have a larger amount of equipment with you at all time and not killiing yourself carring it around. I was in the Army Reserve for 12 years and got really tired of humping shit around. I never would have gotten back into reenacting if I had to do that again. There was always the decisions to be made about how usefull an item was verses how heavy or bulky. While I still have not finished outfitting the bike (I don't have any saddlebags yet) I can carry a lot on it already. There is also a possibility of Dan getting a trailer for his Kubelwagon so space will be almost unlimited. This allowed us to load up all seven members at the Dutch Levee battle is Maryland and move into the field on Friday night and sleep there. We had a minimum of packing the next morning and we were off. We pack everything on the vehicles so we don't worry about things going missing later.

The disadvantages are that you are largly tied to roads. This is not always true as in Maryland there were large open fields. At the east front event at Cedar Forest Tn. there were few roads and they were in poor condition. My motorcycle is rather difficult to start in cold weather and we ended up walking. There is also the problem of sighting and noise. A vehicle is at a disadvantage in both respects when compaired to an individual. This may not be as bad as it seems however. At the Dutch Levee we came up on a firefight along the road. As it turned out the unit with it's back to us was a Brit/Canadian group. We proceeded to fire them up. The leader of the group was very upset that we had interferred in the firefight. There is also the problem of mechanical failures. I have had several times when the bike was hard to start, Alex once ran out of gas. But as time goes by and I learn more about the bike it gets easier. The biggest problem now is that the plugs foul a lot. All that requires is for me to pull them out and clean them with a brush. That takes about 5-6 min.

So for me the advangates far outweigh the disadvantages. Unless the Allies get good at setting up roadblocks or ambushing me I will continue to ride to the fight. A lot will depend on the terrain at the battle and roads in the area.