Tellermines are antitank mines. There are four major types of tellermines. There are several major difference. In mines 1 and 3 the pressure plate extends over the entire top of the mine. In mines 2 and 4 only the center of the mine is the pressure plate.

Note also in the drawings of 2 and 4 the round opening on the side of the mine near the handle. This is for the attachment of a trip wire ignitor to boby trap the mine. In the photo below of the GI defusing the mine the trip wire ignitor is just visible at the bottom of the photo.

Tellermine 43

Number 4 above.
Diameter 12.5
Heigth 3.5
Charge uk
Weight 17 lbs

The tellermine 43 has sockets for two anti-lift igniters. One is located on the side, the other is on the bottom.

Tellermine 42 (T.Mi.42)

Number 2 above.
Diameter 12 3/4
Heigth 4
Charge 12 lbs
weight 18 lbs

The Tellermine 42, like the 43 has two anti-lift igniter sockets. They are placed as on the 43. The 42 will funtion with apressure of 250 to 400 lbs.

Tellermine 35 Steel (T.Mi.35 Stahl)

Number 3 above.
Diameter 12.5 Weigh 21lbs

Tellermine 35 (T.Mi.35)

Number 1 above.
Diameter 12.6
Charge 11lbs
Weight 19 lbs

The mine will function with pressure of 190 to 400 lbs. Like the previous T.Mi.35 Stahl it can use either the T.Mi.Z.35 ignitor or the one from the T.Mi.42 mine. Both also have two anti-lift sockets.

ANTI-Personnel Mines

S-Mine 35

The S mine can be operated in a number of ways; with a 15 lbs pressure igniter (Z.Mi.Z.35), one or two trip wires (ZZ.35 or Zu.ZZ.35) or electrically. The Mine is cylidricall in shape and holds 360 steel balls. Once the mine is activated there is a 4 second delay then a small propellent charge in the base fires and the mine is lifted to a hieght of 5-6 feet at which time it detonates.

Heigth 5 inches
Diameter 4
Weigh 9 lbs