The Members of 43 Sturm Reenactors

Our Motto: Better dirty than Dead

The 43rd has undergone reorganization in the last year. We are now a Zug!

The 43rd was formed as a reenactment unit in the Summer/Fall of 1995. Most of members live in Central Florida. However we have expanded and members have moved. We now have members in Birmingham Al., Gulf Shore Al. New Orleans La. As well as most of Florida

Members of the 43rd.

Zugfuhrer Brian Kepner (Leutnant)

1st Gruppe

2nd Gruppe

Jay Welch Gruppenfuhrer (Feldwebel) Gainesville, Fl
Mark Salassolic Gefreiter
Lutz, Fl.
Rocky Sawyer Truppfuhrer Obergefreiter
Winter Park, Fl.
Dan Marshall
Gulf Shores Al.
Johann Busch
Tampa Fl.
Gunther Mueller Richard Lancaster
Gainesville Fl.
Marko  Chris Adams
Joe Chumbley
Largo Fl.
Mark Robie
Kurt Hilberth
Hollywood Fl
Mike Frye
Chris Long 5 EF Terry Lineweaver
Lakeland Fl
Martin Morgan
New Orleans, La.
Vaughn Yeager
Birgmingham Al.
Dan Ciurro

Missing in Action (Past Members)
Alex de Quesada 38 hours,

If no rank is given then Pionier is the rank.

Left Vaughn Yeagar with his MP-40. Since we do not have a machinegun yet the MP-40 is our main source of firepower. Above left to right, Jay Welch, Mike Dwyer, Vaughn Yeager, Richard (ratboy) Lancaster, Dan Marshall. This picture was also taken at the Dutch Levee battle. This was an excellent battle for us since there were three good roads that cut across the Allied line of advance making lateral movement easy. We were able to move very freely at this battle.

List of major equipment.

  1. Kublewagon #1 owned by Dan Marshell.
  2. R-71 Motorcycle and sidecar owned by Mike.
  3. R-71 Motorcycle and sidecar owned by Rocky
  4. Kublewagon #2 owned by Brian (Still not yet under construction).
  5. 3 man Rubber boat similar to WWII German.

Award List

There are a number of awards that can be earned as members of the units. The current list and requirements are as follows:

  1. General Assault Badge (GAB)-Participate in three assaults at three separate events.
  2. Wound Badge (WB)-Some form of injury, we are still thinking this over.
  3. Close Combat Bar (CCB)-150 hours in the field at reenactments.
  4. War Merit Cross 2nd Class wo swords for non-combat related activities. I got mine for setting up the web page.
  5. Iron Cross 2nd Class-Some significant action. Brian and Jay got it for taking out an Allied 37mm AT Gun.
  6. Ost Front Ribbon -Attend an eastern front battle
  7. The Anti-Partisan Badge (PB)-20 days fighting Partisans.

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