HAUPTFELDWEBEL'S MORALE SPEECH I want to thank pionier Ehrhart and Grefreiter Welsch for attending the living history and display week©end in Bushnell. Both entered the contest for the most authentic Soldat. This made it very difficult for the judge to decide who the winner was. The winner of the 1st ANNUAL AUTHENTIC SOLDAT CONTEST was Pionier Ehrhart. I know that Pionier Welsch will try harder to defeat Pionier Ehrhart next year. You other pioniers should enter as well. I believe that this is good healthy intergruppe competion for the gruppe.

I still have not heard from you pioniers in the gruppe, what you think about going in on a gruppe zeltbahn. I have not heard from any of you pioniers if you have helped out the gruppe and purchased a set of reproduction zeltbahn pegs either. Contrary to what some of you might think, I do not spend my time writing this newsletter just to make myself feel important. This is your gruppe also. We are all comraden and it would be nice to know that everyone in the gruppe is helping out, not just a few.

GRUPPE INFORMATION As we have all been waiting for pionier Hermal to get his kubelwagon shipped and put together. There has been a small change in plans. Your fearless gruppefuhrer is purchasing the kubelwagon from Hermal. It should be shipped in the next month and once I find a frame we will start getting it put together. In fact I am thinking we can have a gruppe kubelwagon party in the future with german beer and pretzels.


This will be a new section for the newsletter. You may want to check with Grefrieter Welsch for the correct pronunciation. weiche Birne - To be of low intelligence flammen - To kick someone's backside, firuatively or physically Heimkrieger - an armchair soldier Kumpel- a buddy or close friend Latrinenparole - rumors

(43rd Supply Company Announcements)

Personal Paper

I have found a place that will write up papers for awards that you have been awarded so the papers can be placed in your soldbuch. He will six of the same award for $5.00. I think those of use who have the General Assault Badge should go in and split the cost of getting these papers and maybe those of us who have frozen meats may want to do the same. Let me know who wants to do this.


Lost Battalions is now offering a HBT uniform for $240.00. You have your choice of the 1940 or 1943 uniform. He claims to be making deliveries in late September.


1944 Militaria is now offering a reproduction army pattern splinter A zeltbahn for $124.99. Finally someone is havig this done. The price even seem reasonable, because you would pay that price for an original that was in great shape. And why put wear and tear on an original if you can use a reproduction for the same price.

Pionier Ehrhart is looking to sell his Tan and Water Camouflage Smock. He is asking $100.00 for it. You can call him at (353) 377-3563 in the evening.


* NOVEMBER 15th and 16th Augusta, GA. N.M.H.A. Italian front battle. More info when available.

NOVEMBER © Ft. Pickett, VA. Battle Group Inc. Western front battle. More info when available.

* DECEMBER 5th and 6th © Bartow, FL. The Gross's are hosting another East meets West Battle. Same place as their battle back in March. Registration has gone up to $20.00

* DECEMBER 12th and 13th © Lebanon, TN. 20th Century Tactical Studies Group, Eastern front battle.