For those of you who missed this event I feel sorry for you.  Even
though the overall turn out was quite small it was a good event.  The
terrain is mostly wooded with a small ravine and a stream running at the
bottom of it.  Very much like the LA event last March but not so deep.  We
were able to have a ten man gruppe with the help of three SS men (one of
them being Joe Chumbley).  As a gruppe we worked very well together and I
tried my best to speak German as much as possible.  Grefieter Welcsh was a
big help and so was Pionier Ehrhart who acted as point for much of the day.
 Things only broke down after being somewhat surprised by the Tommys on our
left flank.  We also bogged down a little when we ran into an Ami who was
well dug in.  Though once we got the angriff going, his position was
aursadieren (see Heer Slang Section).  I also want to say thanks to
Obergrefieter Dieter Jaeger for being our automatic weapons man for the
event.  All who attended will receive 7 hours toward their close combat bar
and one assault.  This gives Pionier Tauflemann his third assault and
therefore, the General Assault Badge.  Congratulations Pionier Tauflemann.

   Unfortunately this one wasn't bigger and better than the one in March. 
Even though the only two pioniers to attend were Grefieter Welsch and
Pionier Ehrhart.  I know that they had a good time.  As you all know I was
in command of the Ami's for this battle.  Those who attended will receive 9
hours towards there Close Combat Bar.

   This years event was good.  The weather was great, nice and cold.  While
we did not see a lot of trigger time.  We did get in some excellent
patrolling time.  Experience I know everyone can use.
   I have heard that next year they plan on reserving a different part of
the park in order to keep this event from becoming old and stale.  While no
one gets any assault credits for this event.  It was still worth the trip
and I have a feeling it will be for some time to come.  If you have not
made this event, you should give it serious consideration for next year.
   Our newest member Terry Lineweaver will receive the Ost Front Medal and
his first 7 hours towards a Close Combat Bar.  Of course all the others in
attendance will receive 7 hours too.  they will also receive one day
towards the Anti-partisan Badges.   

   The first thing I want to do is wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A
   I want to let everyone know that newsletters will be coming out at the
beginning of February, April, June, August, Oktober and Dezember for 1998. 
Everyone should also be paying unit due of $5.00 for 1998.  I have enclosed
the 1998 membership form for the N.M.H.A.  Just to let you know, for 1998
they have raised their dues to $20.00.  I think all of you know how I feel
about joining this organization so PLEASE send your dues to both at your
earliest convenience.  Thank You.
   Pionier Hermal has a German veteran who lives in the same trailer park
as himself.  This veteran has been very helpful with giving this group
information.  Especcially what all goes in the Solduch.  The veteran lost
all his medals when he was capture and did mention to Hermal that it would
be nice to get them back.  He even said they could be reproductions.
   Hermal has suggested that everyone from the group chip $5.00 so we can
get him reprodution medals of the ones he had earned during the war.  We
can put them in a small presentaion case and give it to him.  I say this is
an excellent idea.  What do the rest of you pioniers say.  Give me a call
or just send an extra $5.00 when you send me your dues.

      I want to welcome our newest member to the group, Terry Lineweaver. 
Terry has been doing Bolshevic and some Tommy and finally has seen the
light and decided to join us on occasion to help bolster our numbers.  For
his first event he has already earned the Ost front medal and one day
towards a partisan badge.  Not bad for the Grunschnabel (see last
newsletters Heer Slang Section).  Terry you will need to give me a German
name so I can properly put you on the roster.

   Check with Grefrieter Welsch for the correct pronunciation.

- Frontschweine: "font pigs", soldiers who were near the front but not in
actual combat but talk like they are.

- aursadieren: "wipe out" or to totally destroy a position.

- Heimat-schuss: the wound that gets you sent home for good.

- Besetzt Zeichen: "engaged zone" the beaten zone of fire or area of great

- Bonze: "a stuffed shirt"  a senior officer or official.

- dran sein: "ones number is up" or in a position where there is no chance
of survival.

(43rd Supply Company Announcements)              
- Blanks-
Natron Inc. is offer 8mm blanks.  I believe they are FN manufacture.  They
have a crimped bullet, making them full length.  100 to 500 rounds cost
$22.00 per hundred.  If you order 600 to 1,000 rounds it is $21.00 per
hundred.  If you order over 1,000 rounds it cost $20.00 per hundred.  Need
to call for shipping cost.  They do take gedit cards.  
I say we take advantage of this and see if we canít come up with at least
an order for 600 rounds.  Iím in for 200 rds.  How about the rest of you?
Give me a call and let me know.  I can even front the initial capita.
Natron Inc.
324 Knopp Valley Drive
Winona, WI 55987-1355
 (507) 452-2051. 

- Bandages -
Desert Fox International offers post-war German bandage packets which are
perfect to place in your wound packet pocket of your feldbluse.  The cost
is only $7.00.  They only take money orders at this time.
Desert Fox International
4629 W Myrtle Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85301. 

- Bread Bags-
Castle Keep Ltd. has German bread bags for sale.  They are only $15.00.  I
do not know what they look like, but it may be worth looking into.
Castle Keep Ltd.
83 S. LaSalle Street
Aurora, IL 60505
(630) 801-1696

Pionier Ehrhart now has a Luftwafe ground smock in splinter pattern B.  He
sold his tan and water smock.  He is asking $125.00 for it. 
 Will this endless supply of stuff
ever stop?


JANUARY 17th and 18th 
- Murphy, NC.  Ost front event hosted by the N.M.H.A.  I have maps for
anyone who is interested in attending.  This battle area has some great
terrain.  I cannot go due to a conflict with Civil War.
JANUARY 31st and FEBRUARY 1st 
-Indiantown Gap, PA.  Annual Battle of the Bulge event.  Your registration
had to be in no later than Dec. 13th so to late now.  If you had been at
the Bartow event you would have known this.

FEBRUARY 5th and 6th
 - Ft. Pickett, VA.  This is the annual Bastogne event that they hold every
year.  If you are interested in going to this one.  Let me know and I will
get more info.  

FEBRUARY 21st and 22nd 
- Sherevport, LA.  This year they are having an Elbe River event.  This is
an annual event hosted by the Texas Military Historical Society.  It is on
the Pleasant Hill Civil War battlefield.  This was not a bad event last
year, it was just a long way to travel.  Got the to shoot an unarmed
peasant.  Oops!

MARCH 7th and 8th 
* Somewhere ?, GA.  Second N.M.H.A. event of the year.  Hopefully it will
be on the new property in Carroll County, GA.  More info in next

-Bartow, FL.  The Grossís are hosting a Western front battle this time. 
Donít know what registration will be this time.  It shouldnít be so much
because the insurance is already paid for. More information in next
APRIL 11th and 12th 
* Augusta, GA.  Brad Owenís group (also N.M.H.A. members) will be hosting
another event at the same place their event was back in November.  This
event has GREAT POTENTIAL and the feed was terrific.  More info to come

MAY 16th - Toccoa, GA.  N.M.H.A. Live fire competition.  If you would like
more information. Give me a call.